Bitcoin’s bullish price action continues to bolster rallies in FIL, OKB, VET and RPL

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell for the third consecutive week but Bitcoin (BTC) price decoupled and is on track to close the week near the strong overhead resistance at $25,211. This suggests that the wider crypto market recovery is on a strong footing. After Bitcoin’s sharp rally from the lows, analysts remain divided in their opinion about the next move. Some traders believe that the current Bitcoin rally will turn down once again, but others expect the momentum to continue, indicating the start of a new bull phase. Crypto…

Bitcoin’s boring price action allows XMR, TON, TWT and AXS to gather strength

The relief rally in the United States equities markets took a breather this week as all major averages closed in the red. Traders seem to have booked profits before the busy economic calendar next week. The S&P 500 index dropped 3.37%, but a minor positive for the cryptocurrency markets is that Bitcoin (BTC) has not followed the equities markets lower. This suggests that crypto traders are not panicking and dumping their positions with every downtick in equities. Crypto market data daily view. Source: Coin360 The range-bound action in Bitcoin suggests…

Binance’s USDC Swap-Out Isn’t What You Think it Is; What’s Behind Bitcoin’s Late Dive?

On the one hand, the fact that the exchange is removing, behind the scenes, USDC as one of its pegs would suggest that it might be a grander play to delete the stablecoin from history after it gets absorbed. After all, one of the functions of stablecoins, aside from their use in trading pairs, is to provide dollar stability that their name endows. Author: Sam Reynolds, James Rubin Source link

Marathon Digital May Start to Sell Some of Its Bitcoins

The miner said on Wednesday, during its earnings results, that its cash on hand was $118.5 million as of March 31, while total liquidity, defined as cash on hand plus available revolving credit facilities, was $218.5 million. The miner plans to reach 23.3 exahashes per second (EH/s) in mining power by early 2023. At the close of Wednesday trading, Marathon’s stock fell about 1% to $17.76 per share. Author: Aoyon Ashraf Source link

Bitcoin’s Correlation With Gold-Backed PAXG Token Weakens to Record Low

“This reflects BTC’s increasing correlation with macro stock indices as well as its recent behavior as a risk asset rather than a store-of-value, and points to price turbulence ahead as markets digest the impact of further inflation and liquidity withdrawals,” Noelle Acheson, head of market insights at CoinDesk’s sister concern Genesis Global said. Author: Omkar Godbole Source link

A Year After Coinbase’s Public Debut, Most Listed Crypto Firms Are Underwater Compared With Bitcoin’s Performance; BTC Retreats From $42K

“That premium has been on the pretext that it would give them a free pass while governmental agencies took their war on crypto to other platforms and exchanges instead, like Binance,” QCP wrote at the time. “If now, a regulated U.S. entity who is offering a product that is already being offered in the U.S., going through the proper legal route, can face such harsh action, then nobody is assured to be safe anymore.” Author: Sam Reynolds Source link

After years of doubts and concerns, it is finally Bitcoin’s time to shine

Gold has served as a store of value for thousands of years. Due to this, investors have widely used it as a hedging tool against the effects of recessions and inflation often caused by geopolitical tensions. In light of recent events such as the COVID-19 pandemic and, more recently, the military crisis between Russia and Ukraine, many investors have sought alternatives to gold and other precious metals as hedging options. As we approach a digitized age, it is a prerequisite that alternatives to gold are equipped to deal with the…

Terra may be about to repeat $125M BTC buy that sparked Bitcoin’s run to $43.3K

Bitcoin (BTC) could be set for a repeat of this week’s run to weekly highs after Blockchain protocol Terra appeared set to buy another $125 million of BTC. A wallet thought to belong to Terra but not officially confirmed to be under its control sent another 125 million Tether (USDT) to Binance on March 23. Rinse and repeat for 5.6% BTC price gains? The Bitcoin price narrative gained a new player this week after Terra co-founder Do Kwon let slip about a plan to back a new U.S. dollar stablecoin,…

“Optical proof-of-work” would reduce bitcoin’s energy demand and improve geographic distribution of hashrate, proponents argue

Simply shifting the cost curve to up-front cost might lead to the exact opposite centralization problem. Instead of most bitcoin mining ending up near cheap, abundant energy sources that popped up in developing, labor-abundant countries, like China, they might coalesce in developed, capital-abundant countries, like the United States. Specialized mining chips, or ASICs, already have a high-ticket price (over $10,000 for some models) – imagine if they were even more expensive. Requiring immense amounts of startup capital would have a meaningful impact on the feasibility of solo mining, which would…