Bitcoin and Stocks Drop; Analysts See Risk of Further Downside

●Bitcoin (BTC): $20550, −2.06% ●Ether (ETH): $1084, −2.16% ●S&P 500 daily close: 3,674.84, +0.22% ●Gold: $1840 per troy ounce, −0.31% ●Ten-year Treasury yield daily close: 3.24% Bitcoin, ether and gold prices are taken at approximately 4pm New York time. Bitcoin is the CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index (XBX); Ether is the CoinDesk Ether Price Index (ETX); Gold is the COMEX spot price. Information about CoinDesk Indices can be found at Author: Helene Braun, Bradley Keoun Source link

No, the UK Is Not Going to Make USDC and USDT Legal Tender

None of these payments involve legal tender. Debit cards, credit cards, bank transfers, checks, mobile money, PayPal – not one of these is legal tender in the U.K. In England, only banknotes and coins are legal tender, and low-denomination coins are only legal tender for amounts up to 20 pence (US25 cents). In Scotland, only coins are legal tender. Author: Frances Coppola Source link

Crypto’s One Unassailable Use Case: Helping Human Rights Activists

Bitcoin developer Jimmy Song’s signature cowboy hat could be spotted here and there at the Oslo Concert Hall, where the forum, organized by the Human Rights Foundation, took place. The erudite investor and entrepreneur Nic Carter strolled around with an umbrella cane. On stage, author and podcaster Laura Shin interviewed a non-fungible token (NFT) artist. The stalwarts of Bitcoin and Lightning Network development held workshops on using the currency, and crypto CEOs discussed hedging strategies for a potential ban on stablecoins backstage. Author: Anna Baydakova Source link

The Metaverse Is Struggling to Hold Onto Users. Sports Could Fix That

A range of industries have struggled to forge deeper, longer-lasting relationships with audiences in the metaverse. However, with its passionate fan bases and iconic teams and events, the sports sector may have the most success in creating this type of engagement. Metaverse initiatives from some of the world’s best-known sports organizations, including its most iconic teams, are already showing enough promise for these groups and the platforms serving the metaverse to expand their efforts in this area. Author: Daniela Dib Source link