Israel Has Seized 190 Crypto Exchange Binance Accounts With Alleged Terrorist Ties Since 2021: Reuters

According to those documents, the NBCTF confiscated in January an undisclosed amount of crypto from two accounts with alleged links to Daesh, a terrorist group based in Syria and Iraq. Other government records, dating as far back as 2021, allege more than 100 of the seized Binance accounts had ties to Hamas, an armed Palestinian group that has often clashed with the Israeli Defense Forces. Author: Elizabeth Napolitano Source link

Crypto Exchange Aggregator 1inch Proposes Diluting Some Insiders’ Voting Power

In a community call on Friday that CoinDesk attended, Jordan Reindl, a member of 1inch’s community and governance team, proposed the protocol dilute the voting power of insiders who have received their full allotment of v1inch vesting tokens, a derivative token redeemable for 1inch. Conversely, v1inch tokens that remain locked up for two years or longer would have 100% of their voting weight, the proposal said. Author: Elizabeth Napolitano Source link

Gemini Co-Founder Accuses DCG’s Silbert of ‘Bad Faith’ Stalling in $900M Locked Funds Dispute

Gemini Trust Co., which is co-owned by Winklevoss and his twin brother Tyler, paused redemptions on an interest-earning product called Earn in mid-November, a week after rival crypto exchange FTX filed for bankruptcy. The product offered investors opportunities to yield as much as 8% interest on their crypto by lending those digital tokens out to Genesis. Author: Elizabeth Napolitano Source link

Web3 Domain Name Service ENS DAO Loses Its Web Address Because Virgil Griffith, the Programmer Who Could Renew It, Sits in Jail

According to Khori Whittaker, the Executive Director of ENS, “Virgil Griffith, who was working at the Ethereum Foundation when ENS launched, was an early contributor to the ENS protocol. Because ENS is a permissionless protocol, anyone can build dApps on top of it, which is the case for Virgil’s involvement with He purchased the domain and built an application that resolves ENS domains.” Author: Elizabeth Napolitano Source link