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Australian State Government Invests in Crypto Startup to Promote Regional Tourism

The state government of the Australian province of Queensland will issue a grant to a crypto startup as part of over $8.3 million of innovation funding, according to an official announcement published August 1. According to the government statement, the TravelbyBit digital currency payments platform for the travel and tourism industry is one 70 companies that will receive Advance Queensland Ignite Ideas funding, which supports entrepreneurs in Queensland in developing their businesses. The company’s objective will be to boost the number of tourists to Central Queensland through selling travel offers…

Binance Bot Hack Causes Crypto Market Crash!

CNBC Cryptotader; – What’s better , Stellar or XRP? – An ICO that sold out in 4 minutes. – How you should trade this market – Shelly Hod Moyal – What are securities tokens and they the next wave? – Patrick Byrne say TZERO didn’t get a subpoena but warns investors not to invest! UCN9Nj4tjXbVTLYWN0EKly_Q Source link