Bitcoin Vs. Stocks: Worth The Volatility? | CNBC

CNBC’s Dominic Chu takes a look at the volatility in both equities and cryptocurrencies markets, and which risk scenario could be better for investors.
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Bitcoin Vs. Stocks: Worth The Volatility? | CNBC


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35 Thoughts to “Bitcoin Vs. Stocks: Worth The Volatility? | CNBC”

  1. Stocks are a joke….theres a huge difference in making 3k to making 450k during the same amount of time

  2. Coinbase & GDAX under investigation for FRAUD. Rumor is they will be shut down over night by FEDS. If you've got money in either place you may want to get it out while you still can.

  3. 3K over 3 years in stocks? jesus you can do that in a week if crypto markets are up.

  4. crypto is the sheet, go all in. Don't worry there is always welfare. Millionaire or bust.

  5. Can someone show me the way to block these stupid Tai Lopez ads?! ?

  6. ehh whales pumped it to scare poor people out a year ago bit coin was 600 dollars compare btc on a 12 month period and you the media are engaging in perception management because central banks are threatened

  7. I would bet if I bought Bitcoin today I would make more money by the end of the month compared to stocks in 2 years. I've never seen anybody manipulate figures like this since,,,,,, oh yeah for ever, if your a broker!

  8. 2 things:
    1. Stocks are fraud, majority of the times the price is manipulated by their companies themselves.
    2. CNBC is Fake News, they are not for the interest of the American public but for the their friends, the corporations and banks.

  9. Kerem:

  10. Numbers dont lie. Time to take a walk on Crypto Street

  11. Want to know what I did during this big dip, I HODL! I won't tell you how much I lost from when it hit 20k but I can tell you I'm still up by a lot even at 9k prices.

    hitting that "sell button" is for the weak and uneducated. You can either learn about this by googling it or stay a sheep and believe what you're told to believe by fake news like CNBC.

    note: the red head at the end is hot.

  12. Turn 1k into 10k EASY with BITCOIN!

  13. Can’t snort cocaine through a rolled up bitcoin

  14. Crypto go up and down every month just some months there is a lower correction in the market but everytime after a dip Bitcoin come back with 60% gain .Strange the media love to criticize bitcoin on every dip

  15. go and get BTC….. while you can get on this discount price $10k is a give away in 3 months you will pay over 20k.

  16. Now is the perfect time to buy in low and make some real money.
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    Write me on WhatsApp to learn how to turn your $5000 to 2 BTC In 24 Hours.

  17. I tell you some of these crypto heads that trade in this bitcoin rubbish don't know a fuckn thing about investing. I'm not saying that all people ,but the majority don't understand the risks involved . In my work place no one knew how to buy a stock on the stock market but all of a sudden in a months time 6 people think there professional traders in this stupid hype until the whole thing collapses in a heap .Even if some of these crypto heads make there millions in this market come 5 or 10 yrs later they won't have a cent under their name like some of these lotto winners , Easy come and easy go no lessons learned

  18. Owning Cryptocurrency is like owning Market Shares.
    The Stock market is gambling.

  19. I am so relived but also took a huge risk when I told my dad to take out 100k and refinance the house to buy bitcoin when it was 5k. Only because I bought one bitcoin for 1k and in months, quadrupled my investment. We sold 20 bitcoins when the price hit 15k each and honestly thought we were going to owning jets,mansions and super cars. Now I wish we would have taken out a huge bank loan, maxed out credit cards and made family buy in.

  20. Media: bitcoin goes up "oh is a bubble about to pop" it goes don't "oh ". Remember bitcoin goes up by 1000. Stock like Google cap out to 1000 for years

  21. People selling their homes to buy Bitcoin??? I would sell my Kidneys, both of them!!!!!

  22. bitcoin is possible in star trek world.. 24th century with one world govt…… and when pretty much everything is ai controlled……

  23. Funny, all these people say stocks is a joke or fraud, but these same people buy insurance, cars, and houses from companies, which these stocks represents, that offer the insurance service or build these cars and houses. Or better yet, these people who own bitcoin, because they work for companies that pay them salaries, and these same companies have stocks that are traded on the stock exchange.

  24. Is this serious. What a joke. Stocks have no comparison to crypto. Not even a year into Crypto and myself and a friend has retired from crypto and 2 other mates are on the way as well. If you want to look at a solid project for massive gains this year i recommend to look up Neo.

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  26. The largest wealth transfer in history is happening in cryptocurrency.

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