las aplicaciones DeFi de Terra han perdido $28.000 millones

“Se ha perdido la confianza, pero en caso de compensación por pérdidas y devolución de fondos, hay posibilidades de que se restablezca”, dijo a CoinDesk el director Ejecutivo de KuCoin, Johnny Lyu, en un correo electrónico. “Si el ecosistema y el equipo pueden manejar el proceso de recuperación de manera inteligente, será una señal positiva no solo para los inversores del proyecto, sino también para los nuevos usuarios y todo el mercado”. Author: Shaurya Malwa Source link

Bitcoin Pizza Day merch delivers lightning-fast style

Celebrate the 12th Bitcoin Pizza Day together with Cointelegraph.  Many crypto bull runs ago, Laszlo Hanyecz, programmer and early Bitcoin (BTC) miner, made history on May 22, 2010, when he traded 10,000 BTC for two large pizzas. It was the first real-world cryptocurrency transaction and legitimized Bitcoin in a major way. Check out Cointelegraph Store for the hottest crypto swag Inspired by that delicious turning point in the world of global finance, the Cointelegraph Store has created a fresh new line of merch. You won’t even have to tip your driver…

UK Regulator to Consider Terra Coins Collapse in New Crypto Rules: Report

On May 13, Terra’s UST algorithmic stablecoin slumped as low as 23 cents, and the LUNA token, created to prevent the UST algorithmic stablecoin from being volatile, fell 96% at one point. An algorithmic stablecoin is one that in theory maintains its peg using only software and rules, meaning it is not necessarily backed by collateral. Instead, the token’s programming, or smart contract, can increase supply if the price is falling or reduce supply if the price is increasing. Author: Camomile Shumba Source link

Ethereum devs tip The Merge will occur in August ‘if everything goes to plan’

Ethereum’s long-awaited migration to a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, which has been pushed back time and time again, looks set to occur sometime in August. Hopefully.  Preston Van Loon, a core developer of the Ethereum (ETH) network, told attendees at the Permissionless conference that the transition, known as the Merge, would occur sometime in August if everything plays out according to plan. Ethereum core Dev @preston_vanloon just said the eth merge is ready,they are now only testing, and expects the merge to happen in August. Packed room @Permissionless are excited…

KuCoin Plans to Bolster DeFi Activity on Its Blockchain After $150M Raise; Cryptos Gain

Bitcoin was recently changing hands at around $30,200, up more than 4.4% over the past 24 hours. The increase outperformed ether, which rose a little more than 3.5% during the same period, and other cryptos, most of which also registered smaller gains as investors continued to prefer the best-known digital asset over smaller, riskier ones. XRP, SOL, ADA and MATIC rose less than a percentage point. AVAX was among the losers, recently dropping more than 3%. Author: Shaurya Malwa Source link

Contrarian Bitcoin investors identify buy zones even as extreme fear grips the market

Bitcoin (BTC) support at the $30,000 level has proven to be quite resilient amidst the turmoil of the past two weeks with many tokens in the top 100 now showing signs of consolidation after prices bounced off their recent lows. Fear & Greed Index. Source: During high volatility and sell-offs, it’s difficult to take a contrarian view and traders might consider putting some distance from all the noise and negative news-flow to focus on their core convictions and reason for originally investing in Bitcoin. Several data points suggest that…

Biden’s pick for Fed vice chair for supervision calls for congressional action on stablecoins

Michael Barr, a law professor and former advisory board member of Ripple Labs who is United States President Joe Biden’s pick for vice chair for supervision at the Federal Reserve, called for U.S. lawmakers to regulate stablecoins in an effort to address “financial stability risks.” In a confirmation hearing before the Senate Banking Committee on Thursday, Barr said innovative technologies including cryptocurrencies had “some potential for upside in terms of economic benefit” but also “some significant risks,” citing the need for a regulatory framework on stablecoins to prevent the risk…