The Meaning of Miami’s Castrated Bitcoin Bull

Suarez, who spoke at the bull’s unveiling, is working to turn Miami into a hub of modern finance – the “capital of capital,” he often says. He has drawn paychecks in bitcoin, offers tax incentives for crypto, fintech and investment firms to relocate and even christened the city’s own cryptocurrency, Miami Coin. Author: Daniel Kuhn Source link

Humans Are the Last-Mile Problem of Bitcoin Crowdfunding for Canada Truck Protest

On Monday, after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau enacted the never-used “Emergencies Act,” Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland said banks are allowed to freeze accounts related to the protestors without a court order and will be shielded from lawsuits for acting “in good faith.” Canada’s Toronto-Dominion Bank had already started freezing accounts, reportedly. Author: Daniel Kuhn Source link

Calling a Hack an Exploit Minimizes Human Error

Yesterday, beginning at 18:24 UTC, someone or something exploited a security vulnerability on Wormhole, a tool that allows users to swap assets between Ethereum and a number of blockchains, resulting in the loss of 120,000 wrapped ether (or wETH, worth about $321 million) on the platform. This is the second largest decentralized finance (DeFi) attack to date, according to rekt’s leaderboard, in an industry where security exploits are fairly common and part of users’ risk curve. There’s a whole business made out of code reviews, a lexicon of industry-specific jargon…

What ‘Line Goes Up’ Gets Wrong (and Right) About NFTs

For Olson, crypto is even worse. The technology is broken, he says, but, even if it worked, it would be net negative. His arguments are well researched and justifiable. Although there are a few factual inaccuracies (about Ethereum’s energy use, for instance), it’s tough to object to his overall point. Saying crypto fosters scammers and has real privacy issues and environmental concerns isn’t a matter of opinion. Still, there are gradations and contexts to consider, all of which could be a topic for a competing YouTube takedown video – a…

Crypto Is About More Than Prices

Crypto is not an investment for everyone, and you should never, ever risk more than you can afford to lose. Promise me you won’t. But there are a few projects that I have the misfortune of actually believing in. No crypto will ever, or should ever, be central to the majority of economic activity, but it can present viable solutions to real problems. Author: Daniel Kuhn Source link