Stealthy Crypto Hedge Fund Edge Capital Raises $66.8M for DeFi Bets

The firm was founded in early 2020 by Vadim Khramov and headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, according to LinkedIn and SEC filings. While Khramov refers to the firm as a hedge fund, the SEC filings don’t have that box checked, instead indicating “other” for the type of investment fund. Prior to Edge Capital, Khramov was active at various TradFi firms, including a macro hedge fund and Bank of America Merrill Lynch in London, according to his LinkedIn profile. Author: Brandy Betz Source link

Pantera Joins $3.7M Round for Solana Lending Protocol Hedge

“Currently, there is a huge opportunity in the Solana ecosystem because 80% of Solana is not locked in DeFi,” Hedge co-founder and CEO Sebastian Grubb said in a statement. “With Hedge we’re really trying to upgrade the whole Solana DeFi ecosystem. We want to help users unlock more liquidity and better leverage their assets without having to exit their positions.” Author: Brandy Betz Source link

Prime Trust Hires Secret Service Veteran to Head Regulatory Affairs

For his part, Sheridan spent more than two decades working for the United States Secret Service, including the presidential protective detail for President George W. Bush. Toward the end of his Secret Service career, Sheridan was the assistant director for the Office of Investigations and Legislative Affairs, which oversees 161 offices and over 3,000 personnel. Author: Brandy Betz Source link