FTX considers reboot, Ethereum’s fork goes live and OpenAI news

Top Stories This Week Ethereum’s Shapella hard fork executed on mainnet The Ethereum blockchain’s mainnet, also referred to as the Beacon Chain, implemented the Shapella hard fork on April 12. The upgrade made fund withdrawals possible for those who have staked the network’s Ether (ETH) asset. Within the first hour of the hard fork, a total of 12,859 Ether were unlocked in 4,333 withdrawals, according to Ethereum block explorer beaconchai.in. Nearly a day after the upgrade, ETH surpassed the $2,000 price point. FTX has recovered $7.3B in assets, will consider…

U.S. House Committee Publishes Draft Stablecoin Bill

The bill, available on the committee’s hearing page, represents the first major piece of crypto legislation to move in 2023, and follows two key incidents over the past year involving stablecoins: the blowup of terraUSD (UST), which was backed by a token called LUNA, and the second-largest one, USD coin (USDC), temporarily becoming unmoored from $1. Author: Nikhilesh De Source link