Coinbase wins $470K restitution in insider trading case

The brother of a former Coinbase employee has agreed to pay the cryptocurrency exchange nearly $470,000 for his role in an insider trading scheme. According to a New York District Court filing signed on April 6 and made public on April 10, Nikhil Wahi — brother of former Coinbase product manager Ishan Wahi — will be required to begin making restitution payments while serving time in prison in what is believed to be the first insider trading case involving crypto. The amount must be paid in full within 20 years…

Ethereum’s Shanghai Upgrade or `Shapella.’ Here’s Our Guide to Watch Parties, Blockchain Tools

As these things go, various factions of the Ethereum and blockchain communities are planning watch parties, while crypto analysts and blockchain historians are getting bearings on the best tools for monitoring the first-ever withdrawals of staked ether (ETH). (Trust us, it’s a big deal for Ethereum, and for the crypto industry in general.) Author: Margaux Nijkerk, Sage D. Young Source link