The CFTC Served Ooki DAO Papers By Posting Them in an Online Discussion Forum

The lawsuit, announced last week, is the first to be brought against members of a DAO by the CFTC, and could have wide-ranging consequences for DAO regulation in the future. Charges were also filed and settled against a blockchain protocol, bZeroX – which the CFTC claims operated the same service before handing over the reins to Ooki DAO – and two of its founders, who settled for a $250,000 monetary penalty. Author: Cheyenne Ligon Source link

Factors driving growth in Southeast Asia

The Southeast Asian nation of Vietnam now ranks among the top nations adopting cryptocurrencies. Indeed, the country has ranked first on Chainalysis’ Global Crypto Adoption Index for two years in a row. Chainalysis’ research methodology took into account population-adjusted adoption in crypto platforms ranging from centralized exchanges to peer-to-peer (P2P) payment networks. Web traffic to major crypto networks was analyzed to determine countries with the highest interest and adoption percentages. That said, Vietnam’s high adoption rate is a puzzling phenomenon, begging the question: Why is crypto adoption so high in…