A 17 Year Old Was Just Arrested in Connection With Twitter’s Recent Hack

Authorities have taken a teen into custody, believing him to be the brains behind the recent Twitter breach.

Authorities have taken a 17-year old into custody, claiming the not-yet-adult as the brains behind the recent massive Twitter breach. 

“Early this morning, the FBI, IRS, US Secret Service, and Florida law enforcement placed a 17-year-old in Tampa, Florida, under arrest — accusing him of being the ‘mastermind’ behind the biggest security and privacy breach in Twitter’s history,” a July 31 article from The Verge said.

The massive exploit saw many top Twitter accounts breached on July 15, including the likes of Elon Musk, Joe Biden, and Bill Gates. 

The teen reportedly faces north of 30 felony accusations, The Verge said. “I can’t comment on whether he worked alone,” the suspect’s lawyer, Andrew Warren, told The Verge. 

Author: Cointelegraph By Benjamin Pirus

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