BITCOIN'S NEXT STOP IS $14400. Can we bury alts?

CNBC CRYPTOTRADER brings you 4 big guests in studio.
Charlie Shrem, Yoni Assia, Gabor Burbacs and Saum Noursalehi.
Is Bitcoin a hedge against a recession?
Are alts dead? Can we bury them?
Patrick Byrne Resigns!! What about Tzero.
Coinbase buys parts of XAPO!


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13 Thoughts to “BITCOIN'S NEXT STOP IS $14400. Can we bury alts?”

  1. But physical income generating assets – mashienes

  2. Thanks for the signal CNBC! Time to sell 🤣🤣🤣

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  5. Next stop 8-9k. PlusToken ponzi scheme seem to have been a big participating factor for the 2019 bull parabola.

  6. There will be multiple cryptos that survive….bitcoin will not be the only one

  7. Come Ran . Let us know your favourite bags to hold.

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