Bitcoin on a Tear, Takes Investors by Surprise

Aug.09 — Bloomberg Opinion columnist Lionel Laurent discusses the recent comeback of Bitcoin. He appears on “Bloomberg Surveillance.”


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17 Thoughts to “Bitcoin on a Tear, Takes Investors by Surprise”

  1. Why did they interview this bozo. Has no idea what bitcoin is

  2. I love both of their accents. hahah

  3. another good vid man. congrats on the awesome partnership. info at … I managed to make 3.2 bitc​oin

  4. Bitcoin 50k by May 2020 next halving

  5. There’s something wrong with this guy. Like really wrong.

  6. Bitcoin is the ultimate commodity money and safe haven

  7. Only a moron would invest in Bitcoin & they should be praying that one day it will all still be there!!! It's just like a pyramid scam in a modern way! He he he!

  8. If you think something has to be gold to be valued and useful, let me introduce you to the internet…. But hey you dipshits can keep listening to these Aschberger syndrome Insiders but anybody with common sense is going to have a position in Bitcoin and this is going to make it one of the most significant assets ever…. Hey and while you're at it look up the psyche 16 asteroid there's enough metal there to utterly destroy our precious metals market the day that it will be announced as a mission to put it in orbit around the Earth.

  9. JP Morgan said Gold is money every thing else is _______.

  10. It's so interesting to witness mainstream media slowly realizing the significance of Bitcoin.

  11. Yes gold is down from the 2011 high but the most important fact you're not telling people. If you bought gold anytime before 2009 you made money, gold in 2000 was $300 an ounce and recent history if you bought gold in Nov.- Dec. 2018 gold was around $1175-$1200 an ounce.

  12. Where the fuck did they get this idiot commentator from?

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  14. Bitcoin/Crypto/Metals for the win…short fiat.

  15. Day after day they are coming to their senses

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