Before you buy this Bitcoin Dip- Watch this!

CNBC Cryptotrader brings you all the Crypto news you need to trade this dip.

This is a small dip before the next up swing.

Hold on tight!


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16 Thoughts to “Before you buy this Bitcoin Dip- Watch this!”

  1. Where are all the Bitcoin sluts in Bitcoin miniskirts

  2. Hahahaha Craig "Whale Panda" Wright

  3. Check out my podcast, it's way more informative than anything this clown says.

  4. Read "Fooled by Randomness" by Nassim Taleb. Take Bitcoin as the exception, not the norm.

  5. Love your work ?? maybe have a drink soon!

  6. No wonder people of the traditional market looking at us like we are morons, look at all these weirdos, it's like a flat earther conference.

  7. Potcoin is bullish
    Steem is bullish
    Bitcoin is rocketish.

  8. The face of this old politician stating publicly that Bitcoin is taking the power away from them xDDDD Congratulations, you're one of the first of your breed who finally got it.

  9. Max is a madman! Hilarious madman but a madman nonetheless!

  10. man i love this show, but why so few subscribers. Actually, that's a good thing, the dingbats, lambo guys, and trolls aren't here

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