Crypto Bull Run: 2nd leg starts now – here's why!

Buckle up! This bull run will make the last one look like play school.

Here is all you need to know for the next run.


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20 Thoughts to “Crypto Bull Run: 2nd leg starts now – here's why!”

  1. You guys are so full of shit it's laughable

  2. This tone vays is a stupid ahahahaha

  3. Stay away from Chinese blockchain projects. Tron, NEO, ONT, etc, the Chinese have become thieves void of innovation-skills due to decades upon decades of communism. Call me racist, but I wouldn't trust a Chinese company to pick up my schnauzer's shit.

  4. This channel pumps shitcoins

  5. Justin is one different cat.

  6. Bitcoin will easily +$50,000

  7. Schwartz is a damn near god. Get ready. XRP$+10

  8. Tone is mentally handicapped. Brandt is garbage.

  9. Why does anyone take tone vays seriously..?? He doesn’t even trade. Why not get Bo Polny on as well?? Wackos.. cockoo!!

  10. Reporter 2020: BTC just hit 150k.

    Tone: I still think we're in a bear market. I need to see a pullback to $10 to believe the bottom is in….

  11. Regulation = control and yeah tone ways is an idiot

  12. Tone Vays will say we're still in a bear at $30k

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