5 ways to make money holding Crypto! Coverage of NYC Blockchain week!


This episode covers the first 3 days of Blockchain week.

Joe Lubin from Ethereum
Travis Kling tells us why the market is Flying!
Tushar Jain – is he bullish on Ethereum

Many more interviews!


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17 Thoughts to “5 ways to make money holding Crypto! Coverage of NYC Blockchain week!”

  1. 15:15 rise to 8k over the next 6 months????? It is 8K. Lol. Its going to be a crazy ride.

  2. Hi Ran, I was expecting that you will ask Tushar about XRP ("price will continue to stay". I watched your video about him last year. Thanks.. Cheers !!!

  3. It's good to see some momentum back in the crypto trader markets.

  4. Please don't throw Litecoin in the same sentence as TRON.

  5. Bitcoin is going crazy right now! new asset class on the rise – HODL!

  6. Ran the xrp toller!! 🙂 I love it. This dude is funny man. He loves stirring the pot. Hay Ran, give us some more footage on Craig Wright please. hahaha

  7. ETH will never work. There are no real use cases as of today

  8. It’s funny how outdated this report is already

  9. What about the fact the BTC price is going up, but it's doing it without Bianace deposits!! Just wait until tomorrow and Bianace is back in the game full swing…

  10. Bitcoin don't care about yours desire price.

  11. Youre a moron.. Joe Lubin trolling your banal questions

  12. Holding is good now, can even make 6-7 % interests from it, it using celsius

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