Bitcoin is going PARABOLIC again!

Crypto Trader brings you the first show from NYC!

Peter Brandt says Bitcoin is going parabolic again!
Binance Hacked -7000!
Fidelity is launching Crypto!
Bitfinex wont raise $1bn!
Tether holders may lose $600m
Techstars launches a Blockchain Accelerator


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10 Thoughts to “Bitcoin is going PARABOLIC again!”

  1. Parabolic meaning: up a couple of hundred points 5800 -6100

  2. HODL EVERYONE! This new asset class is here to stay!

  3. This video is a sell signal, thanks CNBC indicator, just shorted 100k

  4. warren buffoon wouldn't know shit from chewed dates..without insider trading knowledge, of course…

  5. Sound quality is bad and the camera work is exhausting…. but good video

  6. Who's Still Waiting For 1k BTC ? ????

  7. Love the new look, good to see you back and looking for more GREAT shows

  8. Binance #InsideJOb CZ is a Con artist a cancer to the ecosystem, Never forget Brock pierce is a Pedophile

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