How do Andreessen Horowitz make Crypto Investments & Why did the market fly today?

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– Why Crypto is running today!
– Craig Wright to testify he is SATOSHI!
– JP Morgan Coin , is it real?
– How do traditional fund managers see Crypto?
– Crypto Derivatives with Frank Chaparro!
– Securities Tokens: NEAR DEATH!


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20 Thoughts to “How do Andreessen Horowitz make Crypto Investments & Why did the market fly today?”

  1. How does…. common title writer. This is cnbc. It's a title. You dont have to proof read a 1000 word article.

  2. why do you interview sh****ttoshi virjina youu should hang up I cant standhim

  3. that CAIS19 panel was amazing !!!!!!!!!!

  4. Could Craig W. be someone who KILLED the REAL SATOSHI…

  5. What J Dimon is saying… "HUMAN BEINGS HAVE NO VALUE" but the Fiat we create is the thing that everyone should value…???

  6. Stop interviewing Craig Wright – this guy is a fraud

  7. Wait until industry and business catch up to BSV. Lift off.

  8. You know when someone says "Here is why we went up" truly doesn't know and can't prove his claim and most likely isn't the kind of person you should be following or taking advice from lol

  9. Normally, I agree with Mark Yusko. However, the comment about JPM Coin being a XRP killer was totally off base. How can this be when JPM Coin is a walled garden? What other bank in their right mind would want to deal with JP Morgan's inflationary asset? Lets stop the FUD and focus on facts.

  10. Faketoshi needs to be ostracized from the Crypto community, the biggest scammer now… and will really hurt some people's investments

  11. Faketoshie make a transaction from One of Satoshi s wallets. Prove it

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