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12 Thoughts to “CNBC Crypto Trader”

  1. Pavel Durov opened a public sale of tokens on Telegram! That's the kind! For a couple of days they snapped up practically all the tokens on

  2. ICO telegram sets records! Almost all tokens were snapped up in a couple of days on

  3. you're still a clown… cnbc moron

  4. Nash is retirement ☘️💙
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    Thank me later!

  5. What is your opinion on fomo3d? Fear of missing out 3d is a breathe of fresh air in this bear market.

  6. CNBC+ What do you think about JP Morgan flip flopping about BTC.? What a hypocrite that guy.
    Mr. JP Morgan he shot him self in the foot. The guy made himself the joke in the Crypto sphere.
    He wants to be like Tether.
    Tether is to be blame for the BTC manipulation. It is a chain reaction.
    because BTC brings the rest of the ALT. Coins Up or Down depends where BTC goes at the moment. But every thing has a solution all the Cryptos need to DECOUPLED from BTC

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