Why Bitcoin Crashed today. 2019 Crypto Market Predictions.

– Why did Bitcoin CRASH?
– 2019 Crypto Market Predictions from the experts
– Bitcoin improvements in 2019
– Peter Brandt looks at the 2019 Charts


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21 Thoughts to “Why Bitcoin Crashed today. 2019 Crypto Market Predictions.”

  1. I've been counted the days until the BEST Crypto show dropped a new episode!

  2. you redeemed a dislike I started with to a like by wrecking all the experts and yourself on price predictions. love it.

  3. I did get a sell signal for CNBC on Twitter when they posted there Long target, always do the opposite

  4. god, i cant stand people who say 'right?' after every other sentence. They should have more confidence in what they are saying, right?

  5. First e-Toro Ad I didn't scrub. good Work e-toro!

  6. Bitcoin crashed because it sucks and it's likely done for, worthless shitcoin cant even hold above 4k anymore!

  7. No one knows what the "killer dapp" will be. LOL. BUT PUMP IT ANYWAY!!! Good lord. If you didnt get your lambo in 2017-18, it aint gonna happen with a single dapp that doesnt even exist!!

  8. "Intstitutional" investors was the buzz word, now it's "Soverign Wealth's". Dummies. Yeah right, sure they will secure their wealth in an unstable and hackable monetary software. Ya'll shillers so dumb. Never do you guys talk about the major flaws and problems of crypto. Just pump pump pump. Oh here is another HYPOTHETICAL use case! MOON LAMBO. Idiots. Sell your underwater bags and stfu.

  9. Tradingview needs to create one indicator which take data of CNBC twit and indicate to do opposite.. if they say long then short and if they say short then long.. 90/100 times, Traders will be in profit ?

  10. The best indicator is a CNBC indicator.. Always do opposite when they twit next move of price for any comodity.


  11. Meltem knows a great Daaps platform when she sees one! #Cardano

  12. The bottom is $0 – remember I called it ????????

  13. G R E A T S H O W T O D A Y !!!!

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