LIVE: The Great Crypto Debate (Part II)

LIVE: One year after Bitcoin hit nearly $20,000—what can we expect for 2019? We’re LIVE debating the bull vs. bear case for crypto #BitcoinOneYearLater


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3 Thoughts to “LIVE: The Great Crypto Debate (Part II)”

  1. This is probably the least greatest of all crypto debates.

  2. DASH has been making leaps and bounds with digital currency use adoption and education in Venezuela for about a year now

  3. It’s interesting how in financial markets “True Believers” can create their own reality. At least for a while – eventually markets become weighing machines. The price of cryptocurrencies bears no relation to their utility as a means of payment – it is more a function of speculative fervor. With a regular currency the need for more money does not increase it’s price because most bank deposits are backed by loans. Banks / central banks create the additional money as needed. With Bitcoin the assumption is that as Bitcoin becomes more useful it’s price will go up since it’s supply is relatively fixed.

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