COSTLY BCH WARS – Hash Wars or Ego wars?

Bitcoin Cash Split sends markets tumbling – are these hash wars or ego wars!

We have Roger Ver and Craig on the same show!

Blood on the markets but is this Capitulation?

The SEC makes a decisive move against ICOs

And will Crypto benefit from Black Friday.


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41 Thoughts to “COSTLY BCH WARS – Hash Wars or Ego wars?”

  1. -ED- Bitcoin BCH Channel

    I completely agree with CSW, a market is not trading and price speculation, it is USAGE.

  2. David Arulnathan

    BCH & BSV have betrayed BTC ….now face your Karma!!

  3. Christopher May

    CW came across a little desperate in defence?

  4. Crypto Batman

    what craig wright is doing should be investigated by the SEC and I hope he is. Craig loves doging questions… WHAT A JOKE!

  5. SanktGallus

    ??BSV IS just a PayPal visa Business model, Not a decentralized bloggchain.

  6. Dominik Sosnowski

    And the recent bloodbath was triggered by manipulation from Bakkt not from this stupid narrative with hash wars.

  7. Anthony

    I sold my mining rigs, tired of these egomaniacs, bitcoin will survive and grow in spite of these greedy self centered idiots like Craig wright and Rodger Ver .

  8. x Blade

    And this is why altcoins won't die. Not because of Roger Ver and Bitcoin cash in particular, but because of the idiot masses and the exchanges that fan the flames of these disputes. If nobody traded this new coin it would have died a silent death. Instead every idiot has to pretend it's like USA politics and throw their irrelevant opinion in the ring and start supporting more hash wars and transaction fights. It's stupid. Altcoins bring fresh new teams with new perspectives to create great challengers to bitcoin. They're not bogged down by idiot idealists on both sides of the isle.

    I guarantee you people like Craig because he's similar to Trump. Tech be damned because most people don't understand it all anyway nor do most people understand world law. Bitcoin core is already legal as a commodity and so is Ethereum which hosts smart contracts. Craig is just an idiot fake Satoshi. Like Trump, (which is why people like him) he lashes out at people all day, gets into legal issues, pretends to care about the law, and LIES his way to fame. Only MORONS would support such a fake buffoon! At absolute best he is a co creator of Bitcoin along with the other guy who died years ago. Seeing as he's never moved the 1million btc in the original wallets, he is not the actual Satoshi, the other guy is. Now that he's dead Craig wants to capitalize on that fame.

  9. Dominik Sosnowski

    The BTC is its current form is not Satoshi's vision. Question is would the elites that rule the governments allow for such currency to flourish? Ofc not, that is why BTC is now centrilized.

  10. SanktGallus

    Fake Satoshi IS at least right in preventing Ico illegal scams in Bitcoin Chain… He wonts m.fggg. jihon wu to build replay protectiom in bch to end loosing for all war.

  11. Letandstay

    Thank you Craig! I blame you for the market decline! An absolute tosser! Your ego is a joke. Welcome XRP – goodbye BTC, BCH and whatever POW chains are created.

  12. Cory Tabor

    Imagine a government or rich person coming in. Renting a ton of hash power for a day. Getting ahead and adds checkpoints. How would this go??? That is what ABC did. They know they can’t win this war long term.

  13. David Arulnathan

    ….these two faketoshi cowboys are shooting each other in the foot!!

  14. -ED- Bitcoin BCH Channel

    Sorry Roger but, a war is won only when one side capitulates, you are preemptively declaring victory which shows foul play. You haven't won anything but few deals with exchanges to accept Bitcoin ABC as Bitcoin Cash BCH, preemptively, which also shows foul play on the part of those exchanges. You used same narrative against Bitcoin SV as Core did during BTC/BCH split. Amaury is also quite dishonest, he also used exact same narrative as Core, with this PoSM crap to decide what is called what. This is far from over, both of them will be eating their words in due time, guys from Bitcoin SV are playing chess with them, and they play smarter.

  15. Andrew Raczkowski

    fuck rodger ver

  16. Charles Williams Travel and Culture

    Attention all investors on all levels…you see what these fools are saying what they are going to do to your investment? I'll be avoiding all mined coins. POW is dead and centralized. Non-mined coins for me! I refuse to have these bickering idiots crash my portfolio.

  17. Jeffrey Rufino

    You always bring out the best people to interview. Great Questions mate.

  18. FrozenEternity

    yea… just fuk these two fools with their hashwars

  19. SanktGallus

    WoT IS Ash Reit ?

  20. Emmanuel Collado

    What’s the point of Blockchain that can be bought buy hash-power $$$, this just shows PoW was Crypto 1.0….time to move on to bigger better things.

  21. John D

    I love that the resolution of your vids is compatible with my old tube TV set.

  22. DieselHound

    XRP is far superior to BTC and it's shitty darivitives.

  23. SanktGallus

    They Change lead evri few hours sv ? Bch ?and destroy value of all cripto Markets day by day. This IS real worst Case, after we escaped 2x Crash Last year!

  24. Self Made Hustler

    Who are this guys to print money at will ,he even say that he will mine and sell btc to buy bch ,shit

  25. Charles Williams Travel and Culture

    Thanks for telingl me and all investors that BTC and any fork copycat is a centralized pile of crap that's controlled by miners and jackasses. This is not Satoshi's vision in the least

  26. SanktGallus

    IT IS rather bloody friday, Not black… Mäbi black Sabbath folows.

  27. Milos Kostic

    PoW is dead

  28. Emmanuel Collado

    This just shows BTC, BCH is a joke…BTC looses value if these forks keep happening. 21 million BTC doesn’t exist. This doesn’t resemble decentralization in the least.

  29. D Ros

    For my taste Faketoshi is close to threaten his life on his own. Something might happen.

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