CRYPTO EXCLUSIVE: Van Eck ETF – We are VERY close!!


– We ask CZ how Binance keeps the number 1 spot.
– We speak to Van Eck about their internal ETF projections
– Bitcoin Cash Fork , Roger speaks out!
– Vitalik Talks about Ethereum 2.0
– Crypto causes waves in the Marshall Islands


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41 Thoughts to “CRYPTO EXCLUSIVE: Van Eck ETF – We are VERY close!!”

  1. Bitcoin Bank

    So casual about a stack of money, keep your worm hole cash.

  2. Daniel Yoxon

    Guys move to Dash, your project without decentralised governance is literally tearing itself to pieces through the egos of your centralised overlords.

  3. wonky tonky

    good show

  4. sergaime1

    funds are safu !

  5. SanktGallus

    32:44. Bitcoin paper etf will BE best Business for Banks and regulators, they own IT and sell 1000000x to Public. I would rather buy Money londering london housing etf.

  6. Thinking Crypto

    HODL Everyone! Big things are coming for this new asset class!

  7. Mike

    OMG nobody gives a fuck about stupid bcash. Next… also fuck Roger

  8. Виталий Голубничий

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  9. Ffirst Llast

    VanEck guy looks very happy…seems he cannot quit smiling…hmmmmmm

  10. Göktuğ

    SOMEONE ask cz_binance when they will implement SEGWIT..

  11. Finnbarious777


  12. Yuri Johnson

    The Shill Report !!!!

  13. dan eddy

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  14. Christopher May

    I can’t hear the audio as I’m in a pub so am going to take your word for all this Ran!

  15. swam #yolo

    I am the first viewer

  16. Johnnytturbo

    Posted to Yen. io
    Bithumb exchange has the biggest volume, by 3x+…
    Growth in deposits, means more trust, or getting ready to take profits?
    Retail market moves the needle. Fomoing market buys.

  17. Dundeal

    Better not be click bait Ran-Man!!!

  18. Cryptor

    hey, I am the first viewer

  19. homesite

    Very good.

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