Fidelity “ALL-IN” on Crypto! Update on Tether!

Big Show Today! Breaking Stories…

– Fidelity All in on Crypto – Who is next?
– Did Nouriel do any damage?
– Tether Exclusive
– 0x on Coinbase – whats next?


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11 Thoughts to “Fidelity “ALL-IN” on Crypto! Update on Tether!”

  1. Fake News, this News IS Shit, very bad, No more parabolic for years

  2. Custodian means you will get paper cripto etf, Banks tokaing selling your Bitcoin a thousand Times making Billionen while price goes Bear for years… Just watch! No More parabolic

  3. BTC and Cryptocurrency is a sponge that has been squeezed, there is always that little bit of water left at the bottom of the sponge that has to be rung out. The little left (weak hands) that is in crypto will be squeezed out by the downtrend of the NY stock market causing fear. Big money knows the stock market has peaked and we are looking at a year minimum downtrend with occasional uptrends with the news saying "OMG BUY THIS BOTTOM THESE STOCKS ARE AMAZING PRICES RIGHT NOW!" We all have seen this type of manipulation before in crypto. The following days the stock market will crash even more, it will take big money only a month or two of this to cause anyone to think to hedge. Backkt, fidelity, and goldman sachs will all be in place by then to take the huge orders and hold them in cold storage, see where this all leads?. This catalyst will cause the whole crypto market to boom (in only coins worth the money that is as we have matured as investors and only the cream of the crop will rise) to levels only seen in 3 lifetimes….Hold just for alittle longer and get your last buys in, and do good with the money you make because it will be much more then you could ever anticipate (you are in before everyone, the new 1 percent.. Gl to you all.

  4. Because the market is manipulated….

  5. ma właściwości ochronne, albowiem zabezpiecza nas przed niechcianymi jednostkami jak i również zwirzętami i daje bezpieczeństwo dzieciom, którym toruję wyjście bez opieki postaci dorosłej na ulicę. Biorąc pod uwagę to jak wiele ważnych ról pełnią winni jesteśmy wybrać takie, które będzie pewne i trwałe, a prócz tych atutów będzie tak dobrze się prezentowało.

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