What caused the Crypto crash and is it over?

Cryptomanran takes a look at the underlying reasons for this crash and whether we can expect more blood.

We also interview the biggest names in Crypto to find out what they are buying in 2018 and why.

Ian Balina took 20k and made it into $1m in less than a month. Find out how.

We interview the biggest names in Crypto including;
1.South Korean FUD ,our man on the ground @iamjosephyoung
2. @AriDavidPaul,his strategy for 2018.
3. @Melt_Dem,what DCG is buying in 2018
4. @KyleSamani,the biggest risks to crytpo and te likelihood.
5. @DiaryofaMadeMan ,ICO’s ,how he turned 20k into 1m


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19 Thoughts to “What caused the Crypto crash and is it over?”

  1. crypto investors are like a heard of sheep stop running scared at every little piece of news at every little dip if you believe in this then stay the course there wouldnt be a crash if everybody did… your just being manipulated by bigger players who profit from the wild swings… If you have more money in crypto than you can afford to loose reallocate.. This type of fluctuation de-legitimizes this market thats why they say (no value pure speculation) invest with purpose…

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  3. Did i understand him good, he said that one cryptocurrency they are watch is Kucoin or did i got him wrong? its at 4:15

  4. Which ICO is he talking about at the minute 27 ? Opus protocol ? OQ Protocol ? OKU Protocol ?

  5. gonetwork, gems, nucleus vision, and?

  6. Where is the end of the Ari Pauls talk? hua hua hua. Be aware, little fish. 😀

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