All the top names in Crypto talk about their predictions for 2018.

Guests include:

Brian Kelly , Host of Fast Money
Vinny Lingham, Founder of Civic
Ricardo Spagni , Monero
Spencer Bogart, Blockchain Capital
Luke Martin , Trader
Ronnie Moas
And many others.


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  1. Zte Blade

    The audio sucks!!?

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  3. Rosemary Rastari

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  4. Robert Sylvester

    Funny how you call out plumbers and hair dressers…I dont blame you. You're from SA where trades are not respected. However, its chops like you who continue to keep the stigmatism alive. Until you need a hair cut, or need your drain unblocked-which in your case is plentiful based on the shit that builds up inside of you. You've just disclosed that your preference is to trade hype, i get that because i do too. buy rumors sell news. Respect your tradesmen, Regards the plumber

  5. Skorpija BG

    Wow UKCOIN is really going up on Coinexchange. Is that something to do with the UK Government mentioning it in the BBC broadcast this afternoon?

  6. Etorowiz

    I'm so happy your show is back for 2018. I'm looking forward to tuning in each week.

  7. itachi chopper

    coinmarketcap is just idiots

  8. literatious

    I'd rather watch this than CNBC US hype Roger Ver or Jamie Dimon pumps & dumps.
    Broad spectrum of views is educational.

  9. Shaun Shaw

    badly produced 1st show of the year actually unpleasant sound effects and bad royalty free music killing the show then bad editing, unwatchable even though content is accecptable

  10. JJ Vargas

    spank is gonna be HUGE, HUGE I SAID

  11. Sean McConnell

    Glad I bought Binance coin last summer. Kucoin shares, Coss, and now Cobinhood, all great exchanges that just launched. Cobinhood has 0 fee trading and just added a bunch of new coins and the Cobinhood token will be used for discounts on margin trading. The trading tools are on the same level as Bitfinex and Binance, maybe better. People should check it out while COB is at $1.20.

  12. Crypto Cliff notes

    26:12 why does he look like he got a murse on.

  13. Kevin Hentschel

    DIGITEX = A Crypto Exchange that can be utilized without having to pay for Transaction Fees. Cryptocurrency's (BTC, LTC, ETH) can be traded through the Digitex Exchange, which is built on the Ethereum blockchain… A Decentralized Exchange

  14. Dan Mc

    my gift to y'all FYI undervalued good projects which have real things happening GTO ENJ CND FUEL TRX POE TNB MTH LTC ETH BTC BCH & new ico invest in environ

  15. All the Fail

    No need for the background music in the next episode

  16. michaelsdad2010

    Funny that Fluffypony is buying hype(I don't disagree with his thesis), because Monero is all substance with little hype. Best default privacy. Once Ledger/Trezor support usability goes way up. It has a defined use case that won't go away(dark markets) and is extremely decentralized with CryptoNote.

  17. Cdogmaximilian

    So many innuendos in the spankchain segment lol

  18. Steve Durban

    is it just me, or does it look like this dude is trying to act like he is talking to these people live (for example by putting 2 videos next to each other like its a Skype call…), when all he is doing is talking to himself, and then playing a video clip of the other person talking. This could all be completely out of context. yes the information is relevant, but trying to fake interviews and live chat is just embarrassing

  19. mohouse

    Down with CNBC. I like my youtube channels the best, "Cryptosomniac", "CryptoD

  20. daponyrn

    Warren Buffett To Shareholders: "We Messed Up By Not Investing In Amazon." Now add Crypto

  21. Cesar


  22. Ray Block

    Who are these clowns? Get someone that has actually bought btc at under $100. Buffet hasn't been the same since he was caught raping that girl.

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  24. Under-19 - Conor Larkin

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