How Practical It Is To Live On Bitcoin In 2017 | CNBC

With all the excitement around bitcoin, we wondered if one person could live off of this virtual currency for week. CNBC decided to put it to the test.
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How Practical It Is To Live On Bitcoin In 2017 | CNBC


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36 Thoughts to “How Practical It Is To Live On Bitcoin In 2017 | CNBC”

  1. Quan SoCalm

    The financial elite won't let this happen if it gets to big…

  2. Adrian Segura

    Bitcoin is only wanted by people that only want bitcoin . stupidest investment ever

  3. Greatest Ever.

    This whole video is stupid

  4. Carter Eget

    I just got 0.1 BTC via this website. Google "bitxploit" for more info

  5. Denys Fiialko

    she paid $55 for her meal.not bad

  6. Thelizzyman

    my bitcoin are missing……

  7. N.K. Suman

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    just subbed. I just made a video about bitcoin mania vs tulip mania. With some shocking predictions!

  9. susan latitia

    Always remember that the future comes one day at a time. The market generally are unpredictable, so that one has to have different scenarios. The idea that you can actually predict what's going to happen contradicts my way of looking at the market. If you're a newbie or you need a professional traders help, feel free to contact on Email:

  10. quick international

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  11. Fatehjot Singh

    reminds me on being vegan a few years ago… going to change like it did with veganism

  12. Larkin Jackson

    Umm… Bitcoins can be used with a Debit Card. Anywhere that Visa nad MasterCard are accepted you can use your Bitcoin Debit Card, like Shift or BitPay #FakeNews

  13. Bakuya99

    Uh.. hello.. you convert your bitcoin to money to use it…
    and you can do that the other way around and also bitpay is the thing…

  14. Tay nology

    Now BTC is up 100% from then

  15. F3ND1MUS

    keep on kraken

  16. Archie S

    fake news- get a btc debitcard like Cryptopay- draw out fiat money with it from ATMs

  17. Greyghost TV

    Search for TenX card. thank me later

  18. Kermit the Frog

    TenX Card: Problem solved.

  19. Progressive Philosophy

    this video is idiotic, Bitcoin is not meant to destroy other currencies or replace them, it's meant to create a substantial amount of global decentralized currency to creat world wide unregulated transactions and remove a certain amount of power from Government…

    people just happened to create the smaller uses later …

  20. littlehawk85

    please publish more like this, us nerds need time to accumulate before you mainstream normie goldman sachs types price us out of the market.

    sucks that you got charged such premiums, i usually get discounted prices paying in bitcoin / ether.

  21. Lennert Bernaerts

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  22. Ronny Early

    This broad is stupid!

  23. Nether Warrior

    Can anyone send me some random bitcoin no matter how much 1HTFGnebQxLqKAtFAssRXswckX9kD74pgW
    It would be nice to even get the smallest amount, anything to spare is nice

  24. Tundra14

    Ever heard of the shift card? Or the other things like it? It's a bitcoin visa debit card.

  25. HashSandwich

    This video is going to be hilarious in 5-10 years when that metro card she just bought is worth $5,000. its still so early you'll certainly regret spending your btc now anyways… always buy back in

  26. Shaun Rosenberg

    Get a Tenx card, you can buy anything with Bitcoin if you use it.

  27. LLB999888777

    New York City is the Epicenter of New York City

  28. Dawn Bernice

    I wish I bought Bitcoin at $2K, LOL. It's over 4K today as I type.

  29. GP

    tenx derp derp derp derp

  30. Crypto Kevin

    That's s because you don't know how to live off bitcoin. We can hold our currency in bitcoin while the value of the Dollar plummets, then take out what we need either through exchanges and banks or with Visa and Mastercard tied to bitcoin. So this little production is a straw man argument.

  31. Oronia Blockchain

    8/11/17 Price of bitcoin $3,619.16

  32. Oronia Blockchain

    I own bitcoin to store wealth, it's better than gold, I will not purchase anything with bitcoin just save it in a Hardware Wallet


    Pay for your coffee and for your food with worthless Fiat while it's still around

  34. Orlando Rivas

    This is clearly one sided

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