CNBC: We are one ETF decision away Crypto Bull Market!

– Cryptomarkets dip after a strong week!
– Litecoin buy a Bank!
– Bancor get hacked for $21m
– Coinbase does over $1BN in revenue – what does that mean
– Vitalik say centralised exchanges can “Burn in Hell”
– Some tokens are bucking the Crypto Winter
-Go Chain


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48 Thoughts to “CNBC: We are one ETF decision away Crypto Bull Market!”

  1. K K

    Bancor talking shit! they stole their own crypto.

  2. digibyte clear scam. 5x more secure? No. (security comes from size of mining pool, not diversity of pool algorithms). 40x Faster? OK but 40 times faster means nothing when it comes to global adoption. we need much more than that (inc lightning network for bitcoin, RIP shtcoin). GoChain also clear scam. CEO dismisses proof of stake, which is far more secure than proof of work and his new idea of proof of reputation. Proof of stake means you need 51% of the online coins to destroy the currency, which you would not do if you owned 51% because that would be suicide. Also Proof of stake means that it is harder and harder to obtain 51% of the coins as you start from 0%, because the price of the coin naturally rises as you buy them up and is pretty much impossible for large cap coins.

  3. I am just wondering was microsoft partnership something that you blurt out or gochain team just wanted to ask this question before interview? are you just help gochain for pump exit?

  4. Great comments here. If anyone has unique recos plse send info to TY

  5. Blockchain has been superseded and the news is getting out. That's partly why BTC is struggling, here's an article explaining why: … BTC @ 7 transactions per second, up to 89 mins per transaction predicted soon as usage increases, blockchain isn't going to change even if speeds can be improved… new technologies are the way forward.

  6. ETF will not happen yet. BTC to <3k. But if it does happen, buy buy buy.

  7. Hi friends i need help i had token loans from bank last year and buy bitcoin at cost of $18000 i am in big trouble and in big loss now as the bank people badly harashing me and i don't have anything to give them guys please support me as i wanted from all of you please do send anything what you want to please in jesus name my bitcoin address please

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  8. ETF is a sign that big money flow? Mmm I do not think so, big players are already in I think.. big money will return thanks to decentralization of exchanges and privacy / anonimity coins! I think projects like monero, deeponion, zcash are doing great things for the future and freedom of the crypto movement. Etf means that old traditional banks are trying to stop and regulate this market, not fostering it!

  9. So Bitcoin Cash is a scam?

  10. Charlie check out RoleCoin.IO covered by FORBES and on FOX TV not most if any can say that.

  11. Bancor team? all i saw was a smoke show…

  12. Tom

    I like Digibyte, but how can Jared claim Digibyte is the longest major chain (with its 15 second blocks) when Bitshares and STEEM have been operating for 3+ and 2+ years respectively, each running with 3 second blocks?

  13. A cryptocurrency portfolio manager by the name of Jeet Singh, stated at World Economic Forum in Davos, that the current volatility is completely normal when it comes to the cryptocurrencies space. He also stated that it is normal for cryptocurrencies to fluctuate by 70% to 80%. This is one of the main reasons why the current volatility does not worry him at all.

  14. I like the format of this broadcast. It feels like a news show with relevant topics and some actual production value, unlike many crypto channels.

  15. TokenPay, a new crypto project, has already partnership with LTC and XVG, bought stakes in a german bank, 10% of CoinLab Capital (swiss crypto analyst cabinet), half of a blockchain dev team… all to provide a full ecosystem that will benefit to tpay (sure) ans his partners, but also to all the crypto users : banks account, debit cards, certificates, decentralised exchange, merchant services, casino and betting platforms…. check on and By the way, the Efin decentralised exchange they are creating will go live in few months and will run thanks to a second blockchain (Efin) which coins cannot be bought : they will be given to tpay, xvg and ltc hodlers. 2 projects in 1. Make your own research, tokenpay could be the hidden gem you were searching for…

  16. ??Go Elastos Go ??
    You are the Fugure !

  17. Church of Crypto trade accepts donations bitcoin address: 19djufDkzFcqThCfencmr3AKbqExAiuPLj

  18. sorry to share through here but I really want to win this giveaway. Please help me win $1000 of Bitcoin.

  19. The Litecoin foundation, who now has all of charlies coins, actually used that, and just bought into the swift system to uproot it from the inside out!!! Current Fiat swift system is made extinct by the LIGHTNING NETWORK and blockchain. In the future, the banks will be MasterNODES, servers on a decentralized network utilized to complete unique functions in ways ordinary nodes (miners) can't. With more Masternodes, it allows for features like direct send / instant transactions or private transactions. They underpin/backup the block-chain in ways miners cannot through proof of work. Charlie has a whole plan still to come. You just sit back and relax..

  20. So Go chain is Centralized so why do I need them I'll just go to the bank then???

  21. Elastos tech is revolutionary. Sleeping giant of the Blockchain.

  22. Great episode about shitcoins:
    – Litecoin – just a Bitcoin clone, so gotta go buy a shitty bank with not even an SSL cert to get some attention
    – Elastos – Hey lets make everyone get an ID on the Internet, Chinese gov gonna love this tyranny ready blockshit.
    – Bancor – We're decentralized, but can still freeze your coins. Uhh yeah.
    – DigiByte – Yo we've got 5 different algos in our PoW…. because that worked so well for recently hacked blockchains like Verge (it even had 6!) and others. LOL
    – GoChain – We've got a corporate managed centralized blockchain, and it's so much better than Ethereum… If you believe such stupidity, I've got some Bitconnect tokens to sell you.

  23. GoChain (GO) is fast going towards $ 1 – Best Coin July and 2018: Smarter, Better, Faster, Stronger, 100% Ethereum Compatible, 100x Faster!
    Towards $ 10 later this year. Do not miss this gold!

  24. Omisego, Eth and GNT!! And a lil SPANK if your naughty ?

  25. ETF wont be approved, you could only check off one of those boxes and that's the custodian issue. Volatility and regulation of the market are not in place. The biggest exchanges are not located in the united states and are not regulated! So i say we are 33% of the way to ETF

  26. T R

    Jared Tate claiming the longest major blockchain in the world is complete bullshit. BitShares has a 3 second blocktime and is at almost 29 million blocks. At over 3 million tx/day BitShares is also one of the most used blockchains in the world.

    So many false claims in this industry. CNBC is awful. DYOR.

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  28. Brilliant. He suckered people in and sold on out and talks about how he is joining what he poached you from. What a lad.

  29. I hope the ETF goes through.
    also check out ALQO coin they super undervalued!

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  32. When banks integreate blockchain in their sphere all cryptocurrency grow up aspecially project because they create blockchain specially for banks

  33. Guys do you see ICO? I think this project will be the number one in crypto world

  34. Apple Made Apple Pay and Charlie Lee is trying to make a crypto debit card. That’s all you need to know about Litecoin.

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