Why Bank Of America Is Slamming Cryptocurrencies | CNBC

Bank of America’s chief of operations and technology officer says a safe market is a transparent one and the cryptocurrency market is far from transparent.
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Why Bank Of America Is Slamming Cryptocurrencies | CNBC


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52 Thoughts to “Why Bank Of America Is Slamming Cryptocurrencies | CNBC”

  1. ShananaGnS78

    Good. Bye BoA! You cannot win this….

  2. Vincent Echo

    Little do they realize, the protection we need is from them.

  3. 33 Precise

    just closed my boa accounts which had over 3 and a half million dollars in it. Just purchased 3 and a half million dollars worth of cryptocurrency.

  4. Darren Connelly

    I laugh when these people say Bitcoin is anonymous.

  5. Charlotte Peters

    Find out more about and start investing in bitcoin at https://www.binance.com/?ref=16090961

  6. juan moco

    Lol ? wire transfer ??????

  7. Mica Ny

    Afraid of going broke

  8. Cj James

    thats a stubborn  women

  9. Certified Brain Surgeon

    So what’s transparent of rich folk using offshore bank accounts and other secret bank accounts to evade tax?

  10. Chris

    And banks are transparent? Lol

  11. Chris

    So what's up with the security of Swiss???

  12. Digiclear 333

    Say goodbye to inflation lol ??

  13. Tyler H

    Boycot Bank of America

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  15. Singh Poshan

    It’s not your money ???…. we’ve rights to decide what we’re going to do with it …

  16. Tim Prior

    Time to boycott Bank of America – and all banks that try to tell the people how the can, and can't spend their own money…

  17. Tiendamaquinaria. com

    Hahaha, comparing fiat money as crypto. It makes me laugh. That is talk for muggles

  18. DarthSailorMoon

    boa and many other banks hates the fact that the public is turning away from these banks as fast as possible since people just don't want to deal with their corruption anymore.

  19. TheCornbeefsoup

    How ironic being that BOA ceo claims they have more patents in blockchain technology than anyone else

  20. Matthew

    Isn't cash anonymous? lol

  21. Aaron Valdes


  22. Parouty

    The idea behind bitcoin is to ensure no central authority over a digital currency. period. The idea of fiat, which is essentially "I owe you gold" is to ensure gold is repayable to merchants that earned them in the first place.

  23. Shaded Zaleph

    Yeah, because the whole concept of having a bank involves enslaving people that have their identities simply stripped to numbers. With cryptocurrency, the shackles are broken, and that makes you scared. Bank of America is going down the toilet. I hope you and your disgusting corporate slave masters end up on your knees

  24. Russell Wallace

    She doesn't get it – people are sick of big banks and the greedy people that run them. She is not interested in protecting the American people – she is only interested in ensuring that she received her offensive bonus each year. Now how transparent are the big bankers bonuses – maybe she ought to be thinking about that.

  25. tskjesusfreak

    BOA as a bank will not deal with Bitcoin or Cryptos. I as a customer of BOA I have purchased many transactions between my BOA account of and Coinbase account. Am I pulling out of BOA not for that reason. It is their choose to go into Bitcoin and other Cryptos or not.

  26. odstar21

    Bank of America is working on their own cryptocurrency, ICO platform,Blockchain,Bitcoin ATMs in 2018. SEC already gave 1st place award to Bank of America

  27. J Guillory


  28. vietboi4lyf3

    put $20,000 in bank of America. they invest your money and get 10%. they give you as a bonus .01% . lol.

  29. vietboi4lyf3


  30. Sabo Beatz

    Before banks come it was thousands of years anonym. Banks just want controll over everybody. Shes scared of btc 🙂

  31. Gloria Lynn

    Joos don't have control. Ha Ha!

  32. Climate Tech

    She afraid because there are no million dollar salaries in crypto to sit her butt in a corner office exchanging emails all day.

  33. Gprime31

    They don’t want bitcoin because they can’t make more out of thin air

  34. Robert Evans

    By that logic, we should get rid of CASH because we don't know who gives what amount of money to whom.

  35. F3ND1MUS

    this is interesting.

  36. goto1415

    Bs. Basically it's going to screw the banks and they hate it. Why do they need to spread the FUD about cryptocurrencies? Because they are frightened about losing their dominance. Banks have been fined huge amounts for their corrupt and illegal practices. Jp morgan fined $19B for example

  37. Avidity 101

    She's scared. Just look at her eyes. The US Dollar is the most commonly used currency in the world for money laundering and terrorist financing. The US dollar is the least transparent form of currency in it's current form. If it was not then paying off politicians and buying elections would be much harder. Corruption is impossible with Bitcoin as it is completely transparent. More lies from these people.

  38. Jackson Vanharte

    booooo jamie dimon fan club alert

  39. Lewis Rashe

    This woman sounds like the NSA do your really want banks and the governments to track your most valuable data of all which is all your financial transactions. No thank you he who trades liberty for safety deserves neither.

    Also she talks about transparency seriously your kidding right? Bank balance sheets are the most opaque on earth.

  40. lowtempo711

    she know nothing about cryptocurrency and bitcoin……. SAD!

  41. Finnessen

    Not transparent??

  42. bill *

    We are in a value bubble across, markets because rates have been so low for so long…the crash is coming on Trump's watch…gonna be 'huge' and ' bigly'…

  43. scott popma

    Bank of America is scared of Bitcoin. She was confused and pulling words out of the air. Bank of America relax Bitcoin is here to stay. They can't fee Bitcoin to death, it scares them.
    I pulled my money out months ago, no customer service at all. My business account I was getting fees charged to me every month.
    I tried talking to them, always they didn't care what the customer said or wanted. All they wanted to do was fee me to death. never there fault always I was mistaken and didn't understand there fee based business

  44. rough rough

    she never said she doesnt support blockchain she just doesnt like bitcoin JPmorgan is making their own blockchain tech and i can garantee you that BOA will make their own too

  45. kidd flo

    She's knows with cryptocurrencies we don't need banks.

  46. kidd flo

    Trying to discredit cryptocurrencies sounds like another case of ac vs dc. Innovation always wins.

  47. Capitalist Bender

    Confirmed: Bank of America won't be around in the next decade. Pull all your investments now.

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