Nouriel Roubini Says Bitcoin Is ‘Much Worse’ Than Tulipmania

Feb.02 — Nouriel Roubini, Roubini Macro Associates chairman, discusses the downsides to cryptocurrencies and calls Bitcoin the “mother of all bubbles.” He speaks on “Bloomberg Surveillance.”


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54 Thoughts to “Nouriel Roubini Says Bitcoin Is ‘Much Worse’ Than Tulipmania”

  1. This guy has no idea what he is talking about. Someone please take him to mental hospital. This is US, not Turkey or Italy. People in this country lead, not follow. And block chain is the vehicle ahead of the curve far from your understanding. So keep your mouth shut if you have nothing logical to say on blockchain.

  2. Bitcoin's bubble already popped and has already recovered to over $10,000. Yup it's definitely "worthless" and a "scam".

  3. Nouriel Roubini – the academic. It's clear you simply don't understand blockchain. That's because, and I'm gonna guess right now, that you've never actually made a blockchain transaction. Because if you had then you would've understood that it's an entirely new operating system of finance where fees are reduced by 90% and time by 99%. You see zero value in that? Seriously bro? You are just embarrassing yourself now. And then you dismiss as ridiculous how there are thousands of crypto currencies ha! ha! ha! – you don't understanding that yes – just as there are thousands of stocks trading now, there will be thousands of blockchains trading in the future. You've got a lot to learn pal. Admit that first.

  4. I can bet you, this guy is waiting for bitcoin to crash so that he can buy bags and hold!

  5. Nouriel Roubini literally has a crystal ball in the front of him so don't disregard him. He has predicted right about market crashes in the past.

  6. Roubini's opinion is weak and guarded against block-chain. Wall street whore houses are very very astute, and ONLY have the backing of government to protect their cartel. I speculate that Goldman is relying on a back room deal to use gov restrictions and regs on block-chain currencies, since these are competitors to their industry and whorish lucre lifestyle. We the People want freedom and in-dependency, the secret combination societies can go to hell.

  7. haha he wished it dropped so he could buy more

  8. Does he realise bitcoin has actually dipped to almost 90% of its value!???!!!! In the past and there are those who have survived it ….?!?!?

  9. This guy must have invested into Bitconnect.

  10. he sounds like a friggin carpet seller

  11. So 500 billion is mother of all god what a guy

  12. best Time to Buy Now!

  13. O hope coming soon new crypto on the market for stupid person like Mr Nouriel !!

  14. looks like crypto's have been eroding his profits of late….spare a tear or two for this gentlemen….or not lol

  15. Opfer reden von irgendwelchen Blasen, ich kauf mir ne Villa und du mähst mein rasen.

  16. Lol people are here claiming he's wrong because blockchain is amazing – they inadvertently prove his point. The dotcom bubble occurred because idiots thought websites and domain names were worth millions because this technology called the internet was going to be huge. The internet was huge but the website were worthless. Now swap internet with blockchain and websites/domain names with cryptocurrencies – that's the point.

  17. Do not be nieve here. He's saying this to your face but he's loading up on the back end. Any intelligent person who understands the technology understands how to fool the general public. I can smell his breath. It smells like cigarettes and lies.

  18. this guy is an absolute idiot with no knowledge about the Blockchain technology. hahahahaaaaa

  19. Roubini is an idiot! The Bitcoin market is only 2% of the $7 trillion gold market, so you might as well say the gold market is a bubble.

  20. He is a chairman of a company.
    Should have been a cleaning supervisor.

  21. You are 100% correct, Mr. Roubini.

    However we cannot prevent dumb people from making dumb investments. Ponzi schemes and scams have always been around and will always be around. Young, inexperienced, greedy, delusional and plain dumb people will always fall for these scams. They always have.

    The only thing we can do is warn them and make sure that they understand that we will not help them in any way once the scam ends and the 99% have lost everything to the 1%.

  22. It's good that he's old and about to die

  23. hahahahaha your bitcoin will be zero in 1 year. this guy says the truth. And you hate him, because you hold these shitty worthless coins and are scared that they reach their true value, which is : ZERO . You are looking for GREATER FOOLS to buy your bitcoins for more from you ! Thats the ONLY reason you have bitcoins. You don't give a shit about "decentralized" BS. You are just a greedy mofo like the rest of humans. You are not worse or better than the bankers. So don't act like you are fighting for a better world. GIVE ME A BREAK. You want Lambo, You want dollars, You want Pussy. You want others to pay more so that you make money, DOLLARS. Thats the only reason you are here. But guess what, there are NO MORE GREATER FOOLS LEFT ! you all got scammed by the big boys who created bitcoin so that you idiots join later and make them billions ! get out now or get f_cked 🙂

  24. babol, tupulip mania, who the fuck is this clueless moron you guys inviting. How about getting Andreas Antonopolis on the seat, ffs guys this is horrible.

  25. If you want to see the definition of Fake NEws, Propaganda, and total public deception….just watch the video here……FAKE NEWS

  26. babl babl babl…. Just fascinating how he knows nothing about blockchain technology

  27. there somebody could help.

  28. This guy has shit for brains. Why do they give spazmos like this airtime. A obvious ignorance to the fact that crypto is the future. Get your head outta your arse.

  29. Buy now, sell when it is over 30k.
    BTC has pattern. Same pattern from the beginning. It always drops hard and recovers even better. I recon it will go over 50k after this drop. Only problem i see with all that negativity around it is that banks and "experts" are not charging big FEE for transaction.
    BTW bubble is great way to make money

  30. No blockchain products so far? How about this one: Cryptokitties :)))

  31. Was there ever a time this guy was not a bear.

  32. And that's how you give your uninformed. dumb opinion for the world to see, folks!


  34. Bitcoin is an inferior cryptocurrency, it will soon drop so low all the miners are going to bail.

  35. Go hoard more govbucks you friggin retard.

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