Warren Buffett: Bitcoin Is An Asset That Creates Nothing | CNBC

Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett speaks to CNBC’s Becky Quick about what he thinks about bitcoin and the cryptocurrency markets.
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Warren Buffett: Bitcoin Is An Asset That Creates Nothing | CNBC


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44 Thoughts to “Warren Buffett: Bitcoin Is An Asset That Creates Nothing | CNBC”

  1. PPAPgamer s

    Try and steal someone's cash. Not that hard right. Now try to hack a blockchain. Impossible. Buffett is old and does not know anything about computers. Bitcoin and other cryptos may be used for illegal stuff. But not everyone uses them for buying drugs or other illegal things. Cryptos made a lot of people rich. Using cryptos does not make you a criminal. Cryptos are the future of trading. They are more secure and they are not physical. Meaning that nobody can just pickpocket your wallet because your wallet and your money are digital.(And my first language is not English.)If anyone agrees, please like this comment and spread the word.

  2. nachos

    i think he hits the nail on the head, bitcoin and all the other cryptos are essentially just a way to transfer wealth from one party to the next. the only point in buying them is to hope you can pawn them off on some other sucker for a higher price before the whole thing comes crashing down because nothing is actually being produced. it's basically just gambling. you are gambling on the fact that there will be another sucker you can sell it to for a higher price.

  3. Ken Free

    Cryptos are scam! No value in this scam!

  4. Dougie

    Basically he is saying Bitcoin is a good as Gold.

  5. Peter Chan Jr

    interesting, this is going to upset the crypto hodl gang

  6. TheMusicEloquence

    I love Buffet did my college graduation paper on him, however he doesn't even own a computer. Bitcoin is a the peoples currencies, without centralization. It's something made by the people for the people and that idea is huge. Way out of his field of expertise, just saying.

  7. Jacques Nicolay

    Well Buffett's analogy on gold is fine, but gold actually is a productive asset. Because gold is an integral part of every piece of working technology on the planet. Think about that. There's gold in every flip phone, every smart phone, every computer, every gps. So it is a "productive" asset. It has intrinsical value. People also use it as a stationary peice of value which I think is fine because it will ALWAYS be useful 😀

  8. Stefano Dozzo

    What about blockchain that work such as a smart contract. You still receive a dividend from your holding these holding can generate a profit as well.

  9. Daniel A

    Buffett once said he’d never invest in airlines and tech. Berkshire Hathaway know owns large stakes in airlines and Apple.

  10. Chris Santiago

    Right now, all bitcoin does is take your money. There is no practical use for it outside of speculative investment. Like what Buffet said, you buy it, then hope someone comes around ann offers you more than you paid. But for most people it will be a useless asset. If you can’t take bitcoin to the store and buy stuff with it, or pay your bills with it. Then it’s just there to make your portfolio look good.

  11. jbrunnez

    everyone calm down, he's talking about cryptocurrencies not the potential which blockchain technology in general offers.

  12. FreshStreamFails

    hes a great investor but he knows nothing about technology even he admits this

  13. Noform Leo

    ….POLITICS 101,,,,

  14. chris

    Warren Buffett is wrong but he'll never admit it

  15. narlycat

    I wouldn't pay one Satoshi for his advice.

  16. marwan helali

    A lot of people investing in bitcoin are doing what Buffet is saying, however, a lot also believe in the technology itself. Investing in an idea that can potentially fix today's economic system issues is not stupid. Yes, the next buyer and seller is giving bitcoin its value and that value isnt backed by anything tangible, just like the dollar today is not backed by anything but a government's word that this dollar is actually worth a dollar.

  17. tony74jsy

    i think buffett is secretly buying crypto currency's like a mad man and wants a really nice low price.

  18. Ishan Bansal

    Lol bitcoiners cry

  19. Jacob Kn

    Finally, we have the tool to express our angriness caused by guys like him. He's anti-role model, because he could end up world's misery easily. If 1% led by greed doesn't want to do this, then we'll make it! We the generation!

  20. gajetto keibu

    dinosaurs talking 😀

  21. ARandomGamerDude

    He's smart but he is wrong about bitcoin.

  22. Solarprofessional

    Stocks performed great in the Great Depression. Not!

  23. Mandeep Vayeda

    people's comments reminds me of that summer of '99.

  24. Philophobik

    this actually made me realize how logan and jake paul are geniuses. every big investment they make you know about. they only buy productive assests. the yetti for example, i can't even count how many times it was shown or even MENTIONED in one of Logan Pauls videos. those videos are constantly bringing in more money, that single assest is constantly producing more revenue as he "tends" to it like his farm

  25. A one legged man

    Nothing Buffet said here is wrong. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency not a productive investment.

  26. A one legged man

    Bitcoin is not an investment.

  27. eugyero

    Did I just hear Warren Buffett say Gold is the same as Bitcoin???!!!??

  28. Alex Chu

    Dollars are also an asset that produces money. Is he saying all forex investors are gamblers?

  29. Mike Anderson

    buffets owns amex visa mastercard wells fargo us bankcorp

  30. Madni Pharma

    Bitcoin creates everything
    See Ahead

  31. Seb A

    Bitcoin does produce something; convenience and improved security. Both have huge value.

  32. veti

    Buffet will be gone soon but digital currencies are here to stay. This guy should stick to candies and sugar drinks, more his level.

  33. mazlo fox

    the bitcoin community is being trolled by berkshire hathaway.

  34. Junk Email

    Hmmm an asset that makes nothing. A unique asset.

  35. Jay Lee

    Every dollar in existence has DEBT attached to it.. In order to pay off the debt.. we need to create more and more money.. each time with more debt attached… And you people wonder why the "Debt" seemingly NEVER gets paid down? Wait till you all realize that Bitcoin is actually a COLLATERAL asset… that has NO DEBT attached… Anyone who thinks there is no future in Bitcoin is kidding themselves.. You sound like the naysayers in the early 90's that said the Internet would never amount to anything…. Didn't work out too well for those people….

  36. Wong Kok Hong

    old McDonald had a farm yee yahh yee yahhh oooooo

  37. J O

    blockchain tech is the future.

  38. PRO HEN

    Like I tell everyone, if someone else is telling you about it, you're too late.

  39. Jason Udo

    he probably holds a ton of bitcoin

  40. The Last Methbender

    Who do I trust? The third richest man in the world? Or incels in the comments

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