Stock Draft Round One Picks: Bitcoin, Amazon And More | CNBC

The second through eighth teams in the 2018 CNBC Stock Draft choose their top stocks. Jim Cramer of “Mad Money” and Guy Adami of “Fast Money” provide analysis.
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Stock Draft Round One Picks: Bitcoin, Amazon And More | CNBC


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45 Thoughts to “Stock Draft Round One Picks: Bitcoin, Amazon And More | CNBC”

  1. LucidLegend1984

    You always pick the opposit of main stream news. The Opposite!

  2. CryptoHodler Butler

    Nobody picked Litecoin, Ethereum or Ripple. Funny how people with lots of money are always late to the party. I’m glad some of them are at least talking about Bitcoin, shameful that some won’t even mention it’s name.

  3. CryptoHodler Butler

    Wow, a genius for picking Amazon..

  4. Joe Pannu

    My pick TSLA

  5. Channel Twenty One

    I don't like BTC in the draft- techinically it's not a company, or a stock- its in a way in its own asset class. It's pure speculation. I mean you could say it's the blockchain technology, but okay it's a technology what does it have to do with a company or domestic equities in general? What's the management team like? It's just people on their phone and PCs

  6. Cerebral SR

    It’s really starting to scary me how much people are investing into bitcoin – for evey ones sake I hope it takes off but when they outlaw it the price will tank taking with it everyone’s investment and all these whales will have made off like fuxken Kings including Goldman.

  7. PhanTheKonnectMan

    What is THIS?

  8. Mark Franke

    When do we see the winner? Next year at this time?

  9. PlanetMusk Vlog

    Awesome how O’Leary is keeping his BTC bullishness on the DL! Lol

  10. PlanetMusk Vlog

    Watch TSLA run!

  11. Crypto Collector

    Crypto smokes all the other picks

  12. MrRoniGaming

    btc, no
    ethereum, yes

  13. Rikesh Patel

    "we saw the price get cut in half"

    yeah we also saw it go up by thousands of percent

  14. james barnsley

    Cramer creeps me out.

  15. Retrofred !

    Kramer at 1:40 knowing he fu?!&d up with that call against bitcoin. This guy has centralized opinions by his higher ups. I call Cardano, Bitcoin and Nexus!!

  16. John Loring

    Haha so 20% isn’t enough what’ll you get with anything else? At most 10%…

  17. Mellie Taylor

    Check out Binance at now plus save your money whilst investing at the same time

  18. TheHoplite14

    Don't believe anything that people put more "faith" into than what there underlies in value. These are sick people that intend to parade bitcoin for senseless reasons. When they bring on opinion leaders to talk about the asset, it immediately garners more buyer attention. All the technicals are very clear and they illustrate Bitcoin on a hard downtrend. It's fundamentally been exploited as a market-wide ponzi scheme. I'm not going to say that Bitcoin is useless or fraudulent, but according to the market behavior, it has stretch very far and away from it's intended use case, which is currency. It's not currency, and it's an unregulated asset that builds under the elite buyers that sell quietly in the faces of irrational droves of people.

    This year, there will be no winners. The long trend shows the major stock indices under threat of a massive recession and all indicators that prop up the value of our markets are speaking loud and clear: Inflation has run past what the fed can control, interest rates will continue to rise, stock prices will plummet from lost earnings, jobs will be lost and the few assets that even fewer people possess will finally deflate as the economy strong -arms itself into a savings economy. This is all a stab back at the hyper-leveraged citizens of our country. Student loans, Autoloans, Mortgages…It's all going to come as writing on the wall.
    I caution all of you to take heed from all of these self-titled financial gurus because they've obviously lost their way.
    Exxon is done. Bad trade. Bad, Bad trade. The efficiency isn't there. Gas prices may be on the climb, but all of that value is being throttled by the attack on the dollar, as it spirals downward against the basket of world currencies. Inflating dollar means that all other basis-assets ( such as commodities) will be priced higher in accordance with the intrinsically low value of dollars themselves.
    Apple is also done. The innovative qualities of the tech giant has escaped their business model and they are stuck in the rut of recycling old ideas for the sake of creating product and driving sales. The death of Steve Jobs also coincided with the death of their vision. Apple stock will take a >30% hit on their share value.
    Amazon is in the clear, but if a company like them won't even take on Bitcoin as a notable portion of their foreign revenue denomination, Bitcoin is not going to see its day as a currency for a very long time. That is just a side note.
    GE is done. This entire 'stock pick' game is an absolute joke. GE is so far from being a company beyond the year 2020, it's rather humorous that she would even wear that hat. Here's a shocker. That hat she's wearing literally has more value than a single share of their stock and it will probably continue to be that way until they finally commit to shutting down operations.

    The ONE person I find reasonable in all of this is Kevin O'leary. He's an intelligent investor, and he honestly undersells himself even with that pretentious attitude we know him by.

  19. tyranttz kk

    Who picked Facebook lol

  20. Thezebraherd

    All these people in the comments are obsessed with bitcoin

  21. Hainezy

    How was bitcoin not first off the board

  22. jnardthedirector

    Lmao cramer

  23. Noremac Concorditas

    I pick Ripple in 3 years from now. 2021

  24. Michael Manfro

    Mr. Wonderful is pretty much dead when it comes to changing views with changing society. Bitcoin will win haha

  25. Michael Manfro

    Bitcoin will win. He’s dumb.

  26. Devin

    I’m a millennial
    I pick bitcoin

  27. مصطفى the king

    can some one send me some bitcoin plz 13EGz3HY433WVBk2bHn4hTC6xYdETCLi13

  28. Jay Hamilton

    This stock draft was a really good idea, Thanks

  29. dieyoung

    Jim is such a clown and the more money I make betting against these absolute fools the more I know their days are numbered. Very happy to alive at this epochal moment in human history!!!

  30. Philip Leach

    EOS will wipe the floor with them all

  31. Andrew North

    Government bulls it propergands.

  32. Andrew North

    Government bulls it propergands.

  33. Andrew North

    Government bulls it propergands.

  34. Zidane Steiner

    "We've seen the price cut in half"…by what metric are we going off of here? This time last year it was $1300. September 2017 it was at $3700. If Bitcoin booms to $65k and then drops to $25k you people will be saying Bitcoin has lost over double its value. Do we just have short-term memories now?

  35. Investor Jess

    Bitcoin is our best chance

  36. Crypto Kid

    Everyone in the comments is saying bitcoin will outperform everything… looks like a lot of retail money is bagholding tbh. Needs to dip a lot more to shake these people out before it will ever go to a new ATH again imo.

  37. Russell Spears

    Bitcoin beats them all on its worst year….

  38. Vizual Samurai

    Lol 20%

  39. Hadji Bouchrit

    Bitcoin is the biggest malarkey in the history of mankind! The ultimate scam,for suckers ! At least ,the Dutch tulips were tangible and smell nice!

  40. Mr President

    All of O'leary's picks up today lol

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