Goldman CEO Says If Bitcoin Works, ‘We’ll Get to It’

Nov.30 — Lloyd Blankfein, chairman and chief executive officer at Goldman Sachs, and Michael R. Bloomberg, founder and majority owner at Bloomberg LP, examine the merits of Bitcoin and the future of cryptocurrencies. They speak with Bloomberg’s Alix Steel on “Bloomberg Daybreak: Americas.”


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41 Thoughts to “Goldman CEO Says If Bitcoin Works, ‘We’ll Get to It’”


    He looks like MOBSTER gambino

  2. narlycat

    if homeless people have a QR code, why have a QR code from a bank where there are fees, minimum deposits, minimum debit card usage, etc why not have a QR code to a bitcoin address and screw the banks.

  3. Andrew Kim

    Lloyd looks like a two faced evil. That smirk on his face… gives me the chills

  4. Antagonisten

    The interviewer is incredibly annoying, interrupting and speaking over Mr. Blankfein constantly. Can't watch all of it she drives me nuts.

  5. Marche USA

    and here we are sum months later lol

  6. may field

    Bloomberg talking about QR codes and cashless society….hahahahahah…..there will be riots if they try take cash away.

  7. CoelhoCoin Tech

    Nobody confuses Bitcoin with BlockChain, unless they have no idea

  8. Angie Thiel

    Same conversation I have with my father in his 70s talking about it. At least he knows if his two daughters are bullish on it, it must have some merit.

  9. DrKomaTrans

    well make it work bitch wel do anything to make u bitchs lose your jobs

  10. Niels van Dijk

    these people are real criminals stole from Greece.

  11. Michael K

    shes hot.

  12. DCryptoTube

    These two folks are real FUDers. I bet you guys when the price of BTC dips down these are the two guys who are going to invest more money in it.

  13. Christos

    wow .. Bloomberg earns award for most ignorant.

  14. D W

    i just lost all respect for michael bloomberg. called it a bitchain and described bloomberg research database as a blockchain but they manage it themselves. people should not comment on something they dont know about and provide advice

  15. sommi

    any of you bitch niggaz know where i can buy some bitchain

  16. Daniels Crypto

    These two guys are dinosaurs. The dying breed. Thank God. Close minded officials. Make way for the Millenials.

  17. Karim Shebeika

    Even in Sudan people started paying with their phones…

  18. e2e4au

    Fraud…. always fraud…. fuck these 2 dirt bags should be in jail as they are the biggest fraudsters on the planet —- FUCK OFFFFFFFF and DIE.

  19. Burton Bonham

    Out with the Old, in with the New. These guys disgust me. Over paid scum

  20. Phil Calfee

    Oh man, this is painful to watch

  21. Digital Nomad Investor

    These two clowns are pathetic.

  22. John Loring

    Old people farting the same old FUD as all bankers will because they don’t want to give up control of your money! Crypto is out there and they’re panicking. You can tell the world is ready for something better and more advanced that helps a community rather than enslave it.

  23. joefunk76

    From “no strategy” to buying Poloniex via Circle in $400m deal in under 3 months.

  24. joefunk76

    Funny money billionaire financiers are not fans of bitcoin. Shocker.

  25. Lazer Tracer

    It’s the”. Blockchain “ that makes it work. They focus to much on bitcoin .
    The bankers aren’t educated

  26. jmcarp98

    The elite have been behind cyber currency since day one. They want more control and a cashless internet currency will give them even more power. Buy gold and screw these crooks.

  27. Dan R

    It’s amazing to me how some of these guys have no clue. They really have no idea what they’re talking about at all

  28. Keith Kresin

    And you are not skeptical of what central bankers are doing?

  29. Tpro 1115


  30. Hoes Hendrik

    kan ik ook een woordtje opschrijven over eendak die op 22-12-2017 nog lek 3x zozeg gemaakte is wel 238 euro betalen ik kent woord voor (dief)

  31. vendor72

    she's pretty. They are not.

  32. Alex K.

    lol Blankfein is 4 years late.

  33. MACE

    they really dont know what they are talking about.

  34. Daniel Ratajczyk

    Of course you want to get rid of cash, that way the globalists and technology have power over everything that's left

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