ICO: Asset-Based Coins Will Eventually Replace Small Cap Stocks, Says Kevin O’Leary | CNBC

“Shark Tank’s” Kevin O’Leary explains why he is “very excited” about initial coin offerings through “smart contracts.”
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ICO: Asset-Based Coins Will Eventually Replace Small Cap Stocks, Says Kevin O’Leary | CNBC


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56 Thoughts to “ICO: Asset-Based Coins Will Eventually Replace Small Cap Stocks, Says Kevin O’Leary | CNBC”

  1. Mr Bojangles

    With ICO's you buy a piece of the platform, or the virtual machine. What do you own with facebook stock? The tokenization of real assets is a big advancement for crypto assets!

  2. Eric Wagner

    XtrX.org is a decentralized blockchain that replaces the bank. When your blockchain is only there for our profit we all become more profitable.

  3. Beryl Leigh

    He's Wrong – scratch out the word "small".

  4. t kin


  5. How T

    that Asian chick got ugly over the years … eww

  6. Alex W.

    All of a sudden I love CNBC. Thanks for the positive vibes. This changes lives. I back this message

  7. Greatest Ever.

    Social Send is the future

  8. Matthew Rankin

    I wonder what platform will be used to execute these smart contracts. I think it might be NEM. As it already works and transact up to 4000 per second conpared to ethereum which is under 20. Anyone else taking a guess?


    I like: http://www.icooffering.co and http://www.blueplanet-solutions.com backed by debt-free natural resources and energy/commodities.

  10. Arvydas Tumalavicius

    Some projects as Lympo already giving away they 20 % equity stake for free for the token holders. The new approach to the blockchain. https://cryptonews.com/news/lithuanian-startup-kicks-off-new-coin-model-mulls-ipo-1438.htm


    It’s not a coin

  12. Hope4Today9 Now

    Two months he worked on it for two months. "I've done so many of these… crypto conferences"
    "It's SEC approved" … ( Well it is; until it isn't. ) Maybe it's a TRUMP Hotel… I don't know. What exchange is carrying the coin after the ICO? What about mining how is the mining done?? And most importantly can I buy the ICO with BitCoin (BTC)??? Hey, CNBC ask some real questions, Please?

  13. John Stibal

    Kevin doesn't want to destroy any government, he just wants to make money…haha yeah, until the government takes it all!

  14. Ebrelus

    Revolution is comming now. I was watching this life – and i realized then how close we are to that huge change in our outdated financial world to become mainstream. Wow just Wow. I like this man. He is really passionate about this change and knows how to precisely, calmly, professionally talk about it. That's impressive.

  15. Bror King

    This has Veritaseum's fingerprints all over it! Watch the rumors here friends: https://youtu.be/pU03eUhcjSY

  16. Anthony Warner

    valuto.io make 40 times your money in a year.

  17. James Hargreaves


  18. moon

    so now we alll buy a small % from a property wich will make the housing price go up even more. What if someone buys the hotel? will the coin buyers get money?

  19. L_J

    Lol he turned a coin into a stock , its a wash

  20. Jeffery Connor

    Smart-contracts utilizing blockchain tech are more transparent, efficient and user friendly than traditional old-world models using multiple layers of middle-men and fee takers. Old money vs. Smart Money. Do I hear "MARGIN COMPRESSION"??

    Capital markets are about to take off…. Capital itself will no longer remain under the control of a "chosen few"….

  21. The Online Crypto Summit

    It's a big world – we don't think ICOs will slow down this year … maybe just in the US.
    http://www.TheOnlineCryptoSummit.com will hold talks with people inside ICOs.

  22. Luis A. del Mazo

    Its a regulation D 506(c) offering. There is nothing to approve. its a form D filing and that's it! Im doing same thing with #TNcoin

  23. godbless onoteme

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  24. Game Stack

    https://opencollectors.network/ is actually doing this and they have a prototype already

  25. Cashe Houston


  26. Chain Quli

    i have said this one year ago

  27. Usama Kahn

    Security Tokens are the future, security tokens market cap right now is $100 million as compared to Utility Token's $700 billion. Security tokens total market cap is expected to reach $10 trillion in year 2020. Security tokens will be much more valuable than utility tokens. I want to share some info about upcoming security token ICO 'Corl' .

    – Corl is revenue sharing on the blockchain.The world’s first revenue-sharing token designed to, support and participate in the growth of emerging companies.

    – Corl is planning to launch the world’s first regulated securities token on the blockchain, representing equity in the company, and paying dividends on a quarterly basis.

    – Corl is the world’s first token to:

    (i) leverage the power of blockchain technology to support and accelerate the growth of emerging growth companies through revenue-sharing investments;

    (ii) aim to achieve regulatory approval as a securities token;

    (iii) represent 100% equity ownership in a company; and

    (iv) issue tokenized dividends in ETH.

    For more details visit the official site.


    #corl #ico #securitytoken #fintech #blockchain

  28. adriadi hamzah

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  29. Office Use Only

    So much humble pie!

  30. Kevin K Adj

    xrp coinbase

  31. Burkay Ercan

    if coins will be backed by assets then they will not replace stocks, they will become a stock .

  32. Habeev07

    The woman just said, "like bitcoin with nothing behind it". What is she NOT smoking? BTC is valuable because of the protocol.

  33. Murrell Selden

    Great, a bit coin with property taxes.

  34. Manuel Del Valle

    It's been longer than a month..what is it Mr. WONDERFUL

  35. Rajiv jaigopal wadhwa

    Greed never does anyone any good.

  36. rowesyful

    This is right in Polymath's wheelhouse

  37. макс кочубей

    Nothing bad I can say about ExpertOption website, really useful tool for trading

  38. Jumpkic


  39. Gavin Carroll

    It's amazing how little they actually know about the cryptoverse..

  40. Вася Зеленяк

    TokenGo is the platform that currently leads the market, so their project is very promising, and aims to improve the performance of companies around the world and tokenize business. It makes sense to buy their tokens now, because in a short time the price will grow very much

  41. Obs

    Don't know why so many people down in the comments are salty about this, I think there's institutional hostility to any form of governmental regulation in the crypto community to the point of being illogical. We should embrace asset-based coins, they will introduce total liquidity to the stock market and make it way cheaper and easier to not only trade assets but also raise money if you have a great idea and a team and can get the word out (and you kick out the financial services fat cats and their 7% while you're at it.) What's not to like, seriously?

  42. Aleksandr Goldberg

    One of the best ICO of this spring is TokenGo. This is a unique platform, the goal of which is to make the technologies of the blockage accessible for business. The sale of tokens will be before the end of may, hurry!

  43. Вася Зеленяк

    Joined the ranks of the TokenGo platform a week ago, invested at a minimum, but despite this, the bounty did not work very hard to earn a good number of tokens. If that is not clear admins will always answer and help in any question interesting you.

  44. Spartacus547

    I think you misunderstand some of the people behind the idea of distributed, information distributed and decentralized worlds, that is not Anarchy! what they want is total transparency the ability to fact-check any institution or government or service and the positions either invest or not invest and when invested the ability to take, action in a company's decision of its own Direction, this is about accountability efficiency Trust, and when those things are applied there is a giant pot of gold at the end of that rainbow that these companies can all be sharing in by dividing a little bit of their profit margin to the expected customer of who they're trying to sell to.

  45. Lee Sauter

    sounds exactly like stocks….completely liquid, approved by SEC, ownership, you can sell it to somebody…lol what did i miss

  46. Lee Sauter

    This sounds like when snapchat stole the text message and claimed it was something new…or when Uber offered taxi service and somehow it was different than taxis that have been around for decades lol

  47. Lily Cohen

    lol , they say different things but look how we can help the farmers , some says blockgrains are doing same thing , their concept are phenominal in nature

  48. love love

    There is a psychological propaganda warfare that is launched on Crypto by the Superelite who have their whole Identity fixed like immutable to the old Economics. So the only way to survive is to attempt to repress their competitors… This pattern of repressing the enlightened keeps returning.

  49. Ryan Conley

    All I gotta say is be watching #Alitheia2018! A coin backed by only one asset is NOT the answer. A coin backed by ALL global assets IS THE ANSWER! http://www.AlitheiaCoin.com #CryptoTeamExtreme +1.206.396.9778 #AlitheiaFoundation

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