OnChain Capital’s Ran Neu Ner: The Cryptocurrency Game Hasn’t Started Yet | CNBC

Ran Neu Ner, OnChain Capital founder & CNBC Africa ‘Cryptotrader’ host, discusses the moves in bitcoin and where he sees the cryptocurrency going.
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OnChain Capital’s Ran Neu Ner: The Cryptocurrency Game Hasn’t Started Yet | CNBC


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34 Thoughts to “OnChain Capital’s Ran Neu Ner: The Cryptocurrency Game Hasn’t Started Yet | CNBC”

  1. Kenneth Alexander

    Bitcoin is an expensive penny stock.

  2. J R

    It's simple…10x up in a year. What is there to argue about.

  3. Legendary Trillx

    Crypto down 125b, stock market lost 1.5trillion today lol

  4. mike dias

    This guy thumbs up

    HODL, cryptofam.

  5. William Reffett

    Please quit being biased towards a certain political party you're doing nothing but hurting our country you're supposed to be a news agency news is not biased

  6. Diana Miller

    bitcoin a trash lol

  7. Chris Petalver

    He said yesterday that Digibyte is better than Bitcoin

  8. saurabh s

    Ran Neu-Ner very well said good answer

  9. theRandom Man21

    Join binance to start to start your cryptocurrency exchange.

  10. Amit Singh

    The question of governments attacking the ecosystem @2.28 was dodged by Ran Neu Ner !

     Thats a valid query . Don't just look at the government of Japan look at the governments of China, South Korea and now India to have global view you analyse .

  11. Born Again Atheist

    Fly that flag for Africa 😉 lolz on the 10x comment!

  12. Nikki Serafin

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  13. eshwar c

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  14. Grim Investor

    I just love the old men in studios. They do not whant to listen or understand, but they whant to win the debate so they end it with «so lets leave it like that. The dollar has lost 95% of its value the last 100 years, now how is that for storing walue?

  15. Mark Franke

    I think Bitcoin goes up in price every time an old man says they don't get it.

  16. Cryptorose

    Great answer. I agree. The weak hands sold at loses, lots of stops taken out

  17. Carlotta Costa

    Cut him off as soon as he squashed you all and gave an awesome response

  18. Antonio Rosas

    One thing the old man said "Store of value doesn't cut my salary in half in a year".. yes but it has not been a year since bitcoin price was almost at 20,000, its only been what? A month?..

  19. Avantt 007

    Old guy salty with his old ways of thinking

  20. Chaseya72

    Why do they always cut them off, and always have the last word

  21. Israel Eguavoen Oluwaseun

    Media wont just let you talk for them to understand stuff…"3:43 leave it there" they always want to have the last laugh, yaketyack don't talk back. Ran just made an home run on them though.

  22. Zoran Kafadar

    Now is time to buy crypto currency , but just ETH & LHC and maybe Bitcoin !!…I buy Coinbase coins for 2000 dollars and I make 50000 dollars,and now price is again good and I buy again to make some more thousands of dollars 🙂

  23. Gamer 4 life

    I think its gonna shoot up now or drop 5k then shoot, not sure if to wait until 5k though.

  24. Brad Pitt

    People don't understand. This correction in price happens EVERY year from mid-January to mid-February due to Chinese lunar year.

  25. tellyaddict3

    Gold DID fluctuate similarly to Bitcoin for four years after the gold standard for the dollar was abandoned: https://youtu.be/J-Vjgx75GXQ?t=8m28s

  26. William

    Ran Neu Ner, very informed answers compared to the somewhat biased retorts from others. Explains very much the current negative outlook from mainstream media of crypto without the understanding.

  27. misterfunnybones

    i have a technical chart that shows a spanking monkey & triple-cork flying doji – sell, sell, sell.

  28. Gina

    bold dude has no clue. Btc went up at least 10x in the last year so how the fud do you not see the value.

  29. Byron Brand

    Wow the Criminals Needing BitCoin actually had someone on who understood btc

  30. Gissa

    Such ignorant…………….

  31. Dane Robinsen

    Guy at the end missed out on bitcoin boom

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