CEO Says Futures Will Drive Up Bitcoin Price

Dec.07 — Roger Ver, chief executive officer at, discusses the powerful innovation of cryptocurrencies and his thoughts on investing in bitcoin cash. He speaks with Bloomberg’s David Westin on “Bloomberg Daybreak: Americas.”


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22 Thoughts to “ CEO Says Futures Will Drive Up Bitcoin Price”

  1. Social Stratagy

    Is he satoshi?

  2. Kenneth Michael

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  3. bLitzKrieg

    no shit bitcoin jesus will say futures will boost btc price

  4. Ariel Lyfe

    fuck that BTC Jesus.

  5. Ras Kassa

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  6. Russell Branham

    The Central Banks are fooling the world.
    So, in 1998 this Rothschild owned publication claimed we will be under a global currency by 2018. They also correctly predicted India going "cashless" with mandatory biometric ID. I think the global banking elite and the NSA/technocrats are behind Bitcoin/cryptos and the blockchain.
    An accepted "digital currency" is all they need, and people are FLOCKING to the idea, because of the promise of massive profits for doing so.

    The Book of Revelation chapter 13:16-17 says:

    “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: and that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”

    MIT/NSA created cryptocurrency. MIT/NSA white paper:

  7. dorion55

    Bitcoin Judas

  8. Dugie Doogs

    Stop depicting bitcoin as a gold coin!!!

  9. bob pelosi

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  10. Ayzyk Baz

    Everybody must know about,
    This website is not Clear,
    they accepts Payment only when the bitcoin is go UP,
    when is down they decline the Payment..


    Sathoshi nakomoto will fuck Roger ver if he changes people to divert from Bitcoin to bcc.he have more than 21 million Bitcoins actually had. This is confirm,

  12. Steven Brick

    Some dogs love to chase bubbles also. ???

  13. Al Idol

    When Roger cried about the children in Iraq dying I realised he is full of shit. This guy only cares about his $

  14. Cyril Samuel Ganancial

    go Bitcoin cash!!! Switch BTC to BCH now, BCH = the real Bitcoin

  15. The One

    Type of person who stab you in the back; he’s not any type of Jesus, guys a fraud!


    its not bitcoin core its called bitcoin ver u damn scammer

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  18. Darren Connelly

    Bitcoin Cash ATM is faster and cheaper than Bitcoin, but it’s NOT Bitcoin. Maybe you’re right that Bitcoin Cash more closely follows the White-paper, but it’s still not the Original Bitcoin. Litecoin came from Bitcoin also you know, but they didn’t try to masquerade as something they are not. Heck Even all the other minor Bitcoin Forks that include ‘Bitcoin’ in their name don’t actually claim to be THE Bitcoin like Bitcoin Cash does. That is THE number 1 reason there is animosity towards Bitcoin Cash from Bitcoin users. All this muppet ever tweets about is how much better Bitcoin Cash is than Bitcoin, and that Bitcoin Cash is actually the REAL Bitcoin. **NO OTHER FORK OF BITCOIN USES THIS MARKETING TECHNIQUE** Bitcoin Cash no matter how good it is will always be a Fork of Bitcoin. Get over it and let Bitcoin Cash Technology speak for itself on its own merit, instead of trying to be a Tribute Act that’s hell bent on destroying the very thing you got your idea from. If Bitcoin Cash is better you shouldn’t need to constantly run down the Original Bitcoin as it will naturally prevail on its own merit.

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