What’s Next For Bitcoin? | CNBC

CNBC’s Bob Pisani reports on where bitcoin could go from its recent new high.
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What’s Next For Bitcoin? | CNBC


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25 Thoughts to “What’s Next For Bitcoin? | CNBC”

  1. Big A

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  3. A Google User

    Why are Dollar currency ETF's approved by the SEC? dollars trade in unregulated forex markets WTF?

  4. Ariel Vo

    So this bitcoin thing is a stock more or less. It's has become an investment vehicle. An entity ,an insitution , not currency for value exchange

  5. Shane Skull

    I almost feel bad for these old school institutions. They are Blockbuster and they don’t realize it yet. A wave of decentralized exchanges are arriving and its only a matter of a few years before we see automated cross-chain conversion become standardized. All forms of asset exchange, fundraising, loans, insurance and personal finance management will depend on these decentralized networks within 10 years. It’s hard to compete with automation, superior security and incredibly low fees. This is just one small part of the overall wave of technological unemployment which will impact white collar jobs just as much as the rest. Hopefully society is able to adapt without the stubborn few digging their heels in for too many years because they are afraid of change.

  6. Shanda862004

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  7. Jonathan Gerrish

    They want Control

  8. Lim Jian

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  10. Nassim D

    Average people don't seem to realize that the only way for Bitfinex to avoid the liability on their books is to do a manipulated crash of BTC and other tokens to 0, or claim another "hack". Well, the first option sounds more tempting as they can magically exponentially grow their income! Bitmex could be used as an intermediary to obtain 100X leverage, that way only some millions of USDT printed become sufficient and not raise many red flag.
    Beginner investors are told by corrupt special interest people (and those brainwashed) in the internet, TV and other medias: Just buy the dip! Who said their will be any dip?!? $11K to $0 only needs few seconds to happen (remember ETH flash crash to 10 cents, when poor Coinbase paid the price and it's maybe not even their fault..), with all the available trading options available today… I do not advise anyone to go short, bcz again Tether may be trying to take over Wall Street and short real commodities to take it to the next level. Just stay away!! The most unethical thing you can do is try to take advantage and do trades even if you have the best guaranteed insider info from Tether Bitfinex club

  11. Cilo Olgado

    Ripple will win the cryptocurrency wars for one simple reason. The banking establishment are embracing Ripple. PERIOD END OF STORY


  12. Domega7

    BTC is not a business. It was not created for this. Honestly you people are looking at the wrong thing. Ethereum is the reason for the market boom it is the only blockchain that allows these ICOs and growth for utility. There is only one reason BTC will be 100k GREED.


    BITCOIN is not backed by Gold or anything…..UK and U.S love this….


    they want Control over you…..tracking all your money and spending….being able to just take money ..you can no longer hide your money

  15. Simply Connected

    Shorting Bitcoin ? This is really dumb – HODLing long-term is the best strategy for Bitcoin. The price is heading upwards to $1,000,000 and beyond. You'd be better off buying some swampland in Florida.

  16. Ryan Baloy

    Of course the FCC doesn't support anything bitcoin related. There's nothing in it for them… #duh

  17. iTuber012

    Too late for Bitcoin, buy Ripple XRP, Litecoin, Lisk(LSK), OmiseGo(OMG), Stratis(STRAT), and Stellar Lumens XLM coins. To invest in the blockhain technology itself, look at $RIOT

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  18. Troublesomenights

    They can't control bitcoin, they control gold and silver and they are going to pay dearly for it soon.

  19. Kurdish Investor

    Go research “Henri de Castries” they want to control Bitcoin, make it expensive and slow.

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