This Family Sold Everything To Make A Big Bet On Bitcoin | CNBC

Now they’re camping out in the Netherlands, waiting to be multi-millionaires.
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This Family Sold Everything To Make A Big Bet On Bitcoin | CNBC


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36 Thoughts to “This Family Sold Everything To Make A Big Bet On Bitcoin | CNBC”

  1. Andrei Belu

    Aaaaaand, they lost.

  2. hanne johnsson

    fun thing it was x3 5k in december. the guy thought it would go x4 by 2020 i hope to god he sold and atleast got himself a way bigger position

  3. BlueScope819

    Oh, rip them. Idiots.

  4. prashant dave

    made people

  5. prashant dave

    bitcoin become 0 before 2025

  6. ninuxy

    And it popped, haha. Unless they sold a lot in Dec 2017.

  7. Yung Thot


  8. AllPurposeVlogs

    The kids look depressed.


    Ain’t it quadruple that by now

  10. F M

    It is not a family anymore.

  11. bega al

    Well, hope they sold much of it when it almost reached 20 K …(300% return)

  12. daemond

    well that was a bad idea

  13. daemond

    it is jit at 8k rn

  14. T Cha

    The dad looks like Clarence dad

  15. G Dogg

    feel sorry for his family..

  16. traida111

    they will turn off the internet by 2020, so …. cash out before then

  17. Joseph Todd

    I already have an experience with this exchange, and came to the conclusion that HitBTC behaves honestly towards customers. All controversial and technical issues are solved quickly and competently. In 2 months made 85% + of the deposit with the new tokens.

  18. Coin Stacks

    Not good.

  19. Edweezi

    If he would've put all his money into Tron and sold it at .31 cents he probably would've became almost a BILLIONAIRE.

  20. Savage

    I wonder how hes doing right now

  21. Ryan Wood

    Bitcoin is now old tech and Ripple is doing what Bitcoin wanted to do with the banks.

  22. Balabajka

    Any update,on how are they doing? Living in the casstle driving,lambos by now? 😉

  23. mark trump

    Not as much of a stupid move as chester bennington killing himself lol

  24. Melvin Beaulieu

    Why does it look like only the husbands enjoying this decision…

  25. Scotch

    RIP this family

  26. matthe ai

    how are they doing today? bitcoin crashes this year

  27. Leon Havoc

    the looks on their kids says otherwise. like begging for help

  28. tom tom

    When it was just under $5000 when they bought in they did not have to wait 2 years for it to x4. Did that end of December/January when they sold out . I hear they are buying back in again to repeat the x4 + gains once more!

  29. Gm Visuals

    Just looking at all the bitcoin experts in the comments right now ???

  30. Shanelle Emberlin

    This really answered my drawback, thanks!

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